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Working Principle of Color Codes

As you know, almost all screens work in rgb (red-green-blue) style, and the colors are made with a mixture of these three colors. The hex codes are actually an equation, which tells you how much to mix from red, blue and green. Each color is expressed by density from 0 to 255.

The two most known color codes are # 000000 = black (each color 0) #ffffff = white (each color full) want to make white and we will mix it to the maximum degree of each color and logic of the hex code # It’s supposed to be 255255, but #ffffff, how? Here we are, where the tail of the calf is severed.

how can they be coded and how do we know what color they are?
hex codes consist of a total of 6 characters. the reds represent the first two characters, the green is the middle two characters, and the blue represents the last two characters. we will use the most intense probe, for example red, we need to select 255 from 0 to 255 numbers. but the first two letters in our hex code that represents red. We can not write 255. that is why; 0 = 0, 1 = 1, …, 9 = 9, a = 10, b = 11, c = 12, d = 13, e = 14 and f = 15

Now let’s look at pure red, the hex code is #ff0000. Our first two codes are our characters representing red ff, so the last values we can give. green and blue are zero. f = 15 is ff How is 255? If you remember, we divided our six-digit code into three ways each represented a binary color. So this is the first characters of our two three characters are the big number, so multiply the number by 16. #ff0000; the first letter of red is the big number. f = 15 is 15* 16 = 240 the second letter of red is f ie 15. then ff = 240+15 = 255. ie the maximum value.

ff0000 (red) = r = 255 g = 0 b = 0 ffffff (white) = r = 255 g = 255 b = 255 000000 (black) = r = 0 g = 0 b = 0 87cefa (light sky blue) = r = 135 g = 206 b = 250


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