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Wondering Questions and Answers About Oils such as Margarine and Olive Oil

Are margarines bad? How are vegetable oils produced? A dictionary writer who was the cook answered these and similar classic questions.

Let’s explain the ingredients of butter, olive oil, margarine and sunflower oil as if we were telling the child.
Question: how to get healthy vegetable oil?

Answer: – plant comes seed. it is extracted, crushed, the dough is removed and this dough is squeezed and the oil is drained. During the crushing process, the dough gets hot due to the pressure applied to it. If we can get our oil without exceeding this temperature of 30 degrees (by passing water around it, etc.), this oil is healthy vegetable oil.

Question: Are there any other factors that affect the quality of vegetable oils?

Answer: of course. If we consider olive oil, its contact with air during pressing and after pressing affects the oil quality. daylight also reduces its quality. should preferably be kept in glass containers. Waiting without squeezing the olive significantly reduces its quality. (Why should we wait?) Keeping the olives waiting after picking makes the olives give more oil but makes their taste bitter. some farmers can squeeze their oil in January. Even the container in which you store your oil matters.

Question: Is olive oil the best oil?

Answer: Olive is a fruit that we can take its oil from without passing its pulp past 30 degrees and without contacting with any chemicals. When this situation is combined with accessibility and taste, there is of course a big difference compared to other oils. Other than olive, cold pressed oils (hazelnut, black cumin, etc.) are also very good.

Question: Why are other oils not good?

Answer: The other oils we use are those that are extracted at a relatively higher temperature. The more heat you add to the dough, the more fat you get, but this product is too heavy to be consumed. for example sunflower oil. Even if you get sunflower oil without applying hot press or chemicals, you cannot use it. this is only possible through refinement.

Question: what does it mean to refine? why is oil refined? Is it necessary?

Answer: some oils are not suitable for our consumption. Fat is heavy and dense, bitter, high in acid or has deposits. It is necessary to rearrange the flavor, color and smell of the oil to at least a level that can be consumed. refining means improving. These oils are refined (passed through a number of chemical processes) and offered to the consumer relatively cheaply.

According to the capitalist order, not everyone needs a healthy diet. oil is essential for consumption and there is not enough cold-pressed oil reserves for everyone in the world. It is necessary to offer oil with a standard flavor at a level that they can reach people who are in financial difficulties.

Question: Is olive oil not refined?

Answer: Olive oils with high acidity that are squeezed late or cannot be consumed in some way are refined and sold under the name of Riviera. Although it is cheap without natural infiltration, it is a separate marketing dishonor that it is sold quite expensive compared to its quality.

Question: won’t you shake it on margarines?

Answer: sure cnm mnyk msn. Saturated fatty acid (bad fatty acid) is high in animal origin fats. in vegetable, unsaturated fatty acid (this is good). friends take vegetable oils and use high technology to make margarine in a much more complicated way than refining, and they market it as low in saturated fat. The margarines we met in the 1960s are included in the memories of the 70’s and 80’s generations as “perfect snacks on bread before going out”. Again, individuals belonging to this generation are caressing the unsaturated-looking saturated fats in their belly while reading this article. In short, margarine is bad.

Question: Is there any worse than margarine?

Answer: yes. We can divide this into two groups.
Margarines claiming to be non-margarine: butter flavored and olive oil flavored.
Those who say we’re actually something like margarine: those that contain trans fat.

Question: Is trans fat something bad?

Answer: what form. When making margarine, these trans fats are formed. These are all that clog our veins. It is a type of oil that should not be consumed. let me say this. The parent who feeds this to his child is a parent who spreads the death of his child over time. dot. we read the product labels. the label is important.

Question: So butter?

Answer: It is absolutely delicious and should be consumed from the brands & people you trust, but it is useful to stay at a certain level. It can be paired with cold-pressed vegetable oils.


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