Is there sex during pregnancy? How many months can I have sex during pregnancy? Is it harmful to have sex during pregnancy? Things to know about sex during pregnancy.

In the first trimester of pregnancy (first 3 months), if the woman is not exaggerated to think about sex because of nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure, normal life continues. It should be taken into consideration that only minor staining (bleeding) may be a harbinger or threat of this period.

In the 2nd trimester (second 3 months), the pregnancy symptoms of the woman mostly disappeared and the woman is very comfortable since the abdomen does not grow too much. so much so that this period is called “honeymoon of pregnancy”. What you will be surprised and curious about is that the woman’s libido in the period makes the ceiling. * In this period, if your doctor did not say otherwise, sex is safe.

In the third trimester, sex is still safe, but the growing abdomen with the growing and aggravating child now gives women trouble. He cannot turn around in bed, cannot get up from his seat, cannot breathe, and having such limited movements also becomes troublesome. If you are not banned by your doctor in your 2-week checks after the 32nd week of pregnancy, sexuality during pregnancy is extremely normal. However, if there is bleeding, it should definitely be avoided.

Even in the near future, sex is recommended so that birth can start easily and it is fast to open. (orgasm contractions).

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