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Why Do Vegans Prefer Meat-Like Dishes?

The fact that vegans, who do not consume animal food in any way, like products similar to meat (vegan burger, vegan meatballs, etc.) may create a question mark in your mind. Let’s clarify this issue.

Many people think that vegans are vegan because they don’t like meat. Of course there are those who do not like meat and consume less before; But most of the vegans become vegan because they oppose the living and killing of animals in bad conditions and being consumed as if they had no life, and they do not participate in this exploitation. a sacrifice. maybe they like kebab, cheese, milk; but they say “it would be ok if I don’t eat”. They try to replace these flavors they give up with herbal alternatives.

Besides, the only thing about food is not taste; The texture of the food is as important as its taste. For example, when you crave a hamburger, it not only wants its taste but also its round shape, its rough texture and its sauce. The person may want these after they become vegan. Well, after being covered in sauce, meat or vegetable patties don’t matter much, and you eat whatever you crave. In this respect, vegan products are a good alternative. It’s not just “I’ll eat vegetables, I’ll eat herbs”.


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