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Why Amazon Can’t Buy the James Bond Series?

Amazon is in tight bargaining with James Bond’s rightful company MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) to broadcast it on its platform Prime Video, but it is still unable to come to an end. You ask why?

The james bond series, which is the strongest franchise in the hands of metro goldwyn mayer, has actually become the biggest weakness of the company. it went bankrupt before, changed hands, passed through the hands of various investment groups and bankers. Finally, Amazon pulled out $ 9 billion and put it on the table. but especially restrictions on James Bond’s rights slow down the sales process.

So what’s wrong with the James Bond series?
The trouble is that metro goldwyn mayer james bond holds the rights to fund and distribute films, but the artistic and technical rights to this franchise have been with the broccoli family and their company eon productions since the first movie. albert broccoli, who sold the rights of jb to mgm while the deceased president kennedy was in charge, signs a very strict agreement with mgm. According to this agreement, the final decision on the scenario, casting, technical details and many issues of the films is in the hands of the broccoli family. This treaty has resisted the time and is in force, despite the fact that MGM has changed hands many times over the past 60 years. albert broccoli’s daughter barbara broccoli and son michael g. wilson can’t even determine the bond after daniel craig without his approval so mgm.

At this point, amazon wants to make the james bond series possibly as a series on amazon prime video, a film shot regularly every 1-2 years, and stream directly without showing it in the cinema. a bond with its own universe, amazon wants to exploit this brand in the form of series, movies, prequel, sequels, etc. in this universe in various time periods. The broccoli family strongly opposes this. already the latest movie no time to die was going to sell to mgm apple tv for 600 million dollars, the deal was completed again when broccoliler opposed it, the job was laid.

Also, if there is a discussion such as female bond and black bond, the last word will be on the broccoli family. they do not look favorably on the female bond, and she says that openly. One of the reasons why the treaty was not signed despite the fact that amazon took 9 billion dollars and hit the table and paid almost twice the price to mgm, is that the rooster of the golden egg laying chicken of mgm is in another house.


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Why Amazon Can’t Buy the James Bond Series?

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