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Who is Edward Colston?

Who is Edward Colston, whose statue was overthrown in the George Floyd protests in England?

Britain got its share from the protests that started with the murder of the black American George Floyd and spread to other countries. The statue of Edward Colston, who lived in the 17th century in the demonstrations in Bristol, was destroyed and thrown into the river. So what did this man do in time, and he was subjected to such an action?

Edward Colston was a British merchant, Member of Parliament, philanthropist and slave merchant. Its wealth was largely achieved through the trade and exploitation of slaves.

Colston took 80,000 African men, women and children to America as slaves between 1672-1689. Colston, who monopolized in the slave trade with the Royal African Company he founded, is believed to have achieved through the slave trade he did at that time.

It is stated that thousands of blacks who were taken to America to be slaves during their journeys of 6-8 weeks died from illness, murder and torture.

Edward Colston was one of Britain’s important slave traders in the 17th century. He sold an estimated 85,000 African people with the royal african company. His statue, which was erected in Bristol in 1895, was destroyed in black lives matter protests and thrown into the river.

Colston did “charity work” with some of the money he earned from the slave trade (donation to the church, etc.). That’s why the statue was erected. previously requested for the removal of the sculpture, the signature was collected, but no results were obtained.


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