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Which Coffee Mill Should You Buy From Tens Of Brands?

A list that will help those who want to buy a coffee grinder but cannot make a decision.

We can divide coffee mills into two as hand mills and automatic mills.

A. Hand Mills

If you are going to grind for methods such as filter coffee and cold brew, I think hand mills save you from great costs in terms of price. Also, it does not tire much while grinding. But since you have to grind quite finely for coffees such as espresso and Turkish coffee, it helps you to reach the target physique you define as “I don’t want to be as arnold, it is enough as brad pitt in fight club” as a forearm.

  • the so-called hand grinder: I used the so-called hand grinder for a long time to make espresso. The price is around if I’m not mistaken; but over time (over a long period of time) it starts to miss the tune. in this case you will need to replace the bolt that acts as the stopper. Also, as I said, it is a little tiring with fine grinding. Looking at the price, I guess there is no cheaper one. I think this is the mill that can be taken blindly at first, considering situations such as budget, etc.
  • hario skerton: I don’t have detailed information because I don’t use it; but people are generally satisfied, and the price is generally in the economic class among hand mills. also parts can be washed. There are also those who complain on the internet; but preferable mill.
  • comandante c40: however, the price advantage I mentioned above is disappearing as I move towards better mills. For example, the comandante you will probably come across while researching, for example, is around … Frankly, it seems unreasonable to me to give that much money and get tired on it. It is not a matter of fainting that much money and doing labor. handmade things are good but romance is also up to a point. There is a lot of information available on the internet, the users are always satisfied, they can grind in the espresso setting. Type beauty knives are of high quality, generally stainless steel.

Advantages of hand mills in general: they deliver all the coffee you grind directly into the chamber (some remain in the automatic), can be adjusted to millimeters if you want (most of the automatons are adjusted step by step) and they are quite affordable in terms of cost (except for the c40). It’s clean to start with a suitable solution to see how temporary or permanent it is.

B. Automatic mills

When it comes to automatic mills, the price increases considerably; but depending on the type of brewing, it may not be necessary to faint that much money. Meanwhile, these are divided into dosed-hopper (the ground coffee fills into a chamber and pulls the spring-loaded lever releases the ground coffee from below) and on demand (which directly expels the ground coffee). some find the file unnecessary for the house; because you don’t grind it from the front like cafes and then pull it for practical purposes. to drink fresh and you grind as much as you would drink as you would already do for one or two On the other hand, on-demand machines make the environment a little dirty. Chute coffees are scattered around a little, whether you want to or not.

The important thing in automatic machines is to proceed with gear machines, not knives. The reason for this is that knife grinders work with blender logic and chop the coffee. The downside is that some of the beans are very large and some flour is small. When it meets with water, some of the coffee brews more and some less. As a result, you get a bad taste. They went through forums for all the machines I’ve given below and select the ones found in turkey. Frankly, I did not go into those with a price of over

  • delonghi kg79: if you are not going to grind on espresso setting, if you are going around pour over, filter, cold brew, I think it is a nice machine. The price is about . There are also those who grind espresso or even Turkish coffee with a small hack. However, in this case, there is a possibility that it will be out of warranty or there is a burning smell from the engine. but in general terms, it is a very decent machine in this price range. Of course there are much better ones but as I said it is a matter of budget …
  • rancilio rocky: the famous machine that is said to be the best recommended directly when it comes to household grinder. blade size 50 mm flat toothed, 50 steps and ideal machine for grinding espresso etc. The price is a bit sad, the discounted version is now but this price is considered appropriate even abroad. Generally people have used it for many years for user comments. 5-6. There are a lot of people who have changed their knives and continue to use them without any problems. There are those who criticize their thick advice (french press etc.); but it would be a lie if I say I have a general opinion. I did not find any chronic problems on the internet. There is also a DoS on, unfortunately that can not be found in the on-demand version is currently turkey.
  • gaggia mdf 89: 50 mm spur gear and a similar product with rancilio rocky in performance. the only problem is that the file part of the file becomes corrupted over time. The vast majority of complaints stem from this. Disassembling the file is quite difficult in this mill, for example in rocky this part can be easily removed and the original chute can be installed. it is a very high average grinder. It also has a wide range of grinding, from filter to espresso, it can be an ideal grinder if you frequently consume more than one type of coffee. The price is in the range of .
  • lelit pl043: unlike the others, this grinder has bevel gear and teeth 38 mm. the bigger the teeth, the better they are tried; But as we will ultimately use it for the home, it is a bit controversial to what extent this is a factor. The effect of being conical or flat on taste is again a bit doubtful. There are also generally positive comments about this grinder. The good things about the above are – relatively – on demand and look nicer because of the metal outer casing. They say there is some static electricity problem due to the excess of metal parts, but the solution is a simple matter. Another advantage is that it is stepless, that is, stepless and very fine adjustment can be made. It is also quite small in size, it can be called a complete home machine. The price is around . It can go down to the Turkish coffee setting. It was also mentioned in some forums that it works loudly; But among them there is no one working silently anyway.
  • cunill tranquilo 2: this machine is actually more of a cafe type; Because when you put it on a rather large kitchen counter, it fits zero or not under the cupboard. The price is around . has a file; but I did not find many doser complaints on the internet. A machine with 60 mm spur gear and pitch. reviews are generally positive. The biggest problem is the animal coffee chamber. it’s a plastic machine in general and its type is a bit ugly. There are those who have used it for many years. The biggest advantage is that the price is very affordable according to its features. One disadvantage is that there is no step information on it. For example, many of them have signs such as 1-2-3 so you know where you are; but not on this machine. In general, I can say that it is one of the most affordable machines considering the price.

Some coffee remains inside after grinding in automatic mills. You can get that too with a stick. almost all of them have this problem.

When I caught it on sale, I bought cunill tranquilo 2 and although I have used it for a short time until now, I have not had a problem. I don’t think any of the above automatic machines will make you unhappy. Bear in mind machines such as the eureka mignon, I did not go into details because I did not research much.


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