When will the coronavirus end?

The coronavirus epidemic, which cannot be predicted when it will expire due to the absence of the drug, continues to be examined and evaluated by experts. The coronavirus epidemic, which has to be protected from social isolation due to its rapid infectious effect, will need to continue its measures in a short period of time, even if it is taken under control within a certain period of time.

Corona virus vaccine found?

Studies for the treatment and vaccination of Corona virus, which has become a worldwide epidemic, continue without slowing down. Since the virus, which is the cause of the disease, was encountered for the first time, there is no vaccine, but there are new explanations about treatment studies from various parts of the world. Speaking to the British Times daily, Oxford University Professor of Vaccine Science Sarah Gilbert made an exciting statement about the Corona virus vaccine.


Speaking to the British Times, Oxford University Professor of Vaccine Science Sarah Gilbert said that the coronavirus vaccine could be available in September.

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