Mascara, bases, eyelash curlers do not try to make our eyelashes look fuller and curly. I’ve tried the popular Permanent Eyelash Curling (Eyelash Perm) process to find a common solution to all of our problems. I would like to underline another topic; This video is definitely not a paid cooperation. lash lift , I prepared this video to share my experience with women who both suffer from the same problem and find a solution to my own eyelash problem. I hope you will enjoy and find useful!

Apply Lash Lift

Before starting the process, you can wash with a foam cleaner to remove any oil from your skin even if there is no makeup in your eyes. Then the paddles are applied from a silicone-like material that is suitable for your eyelash height. Eyelashes stick on that pad and wait 15 minutes after the keratin product is applied to lashes. You wait another 15 minutes 15

There is no pain or pulling sensation when doing it. lash lift, At the end of 15 minutes, the entire product is removed from the eyelashes. It came to the painting process. Actually, painting is not a must if you have light color lashes like me. Melanie, who prefers to paint from the middle to the extreme, not from the root, in people with tenderness in their eyes. As a result, no matter how harmless content is a foreign substance and very close to your eye is applied to a point so be careful.

I couldn’t believe my eyelashes after the application was finished. Black-haired, full and almost staring at the ceiling :)) Perhaps the longest step of my makeup, the mascara riding stage will take 30 seconds.

Melanie said that a product lasting for 2-3 months. lash lift, An application that varies from person to person but takes you for a minimum of 2 months. The next day he said he would fold again.

When I looked at the next day I realized that my eyelashes were really more curling. 24 hours of water should not come in contact with oil and eye makeup cleaners must not use.

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