If you apply a bronzer to your skin and you’re not missing colored polishers from your lips, you may have chosen the wrong hair color.

If you can’t stop yourself from experimenting with different hair colors because of the trend, you should first know which hair colors fit. With the right hair color, you can have a skin that looks more shiny and even lips that look more vibrant and fuller. As long as you know how to create this illusion.

How to choose the right hair color according to your eye color

The color pigments that are in the iris layer of your eyes and shine to your eyes appear brighter and larger when they are compatible with your hair. Therefore, if your eyes have cool colors such as blue and light green, make sure you have cold colors in their lower shades when choosing your hair color. Yellow, light brown and red tones can match your eyes. If your eyes are hazel or brown with warm colors, dark chestnuts, caramels and dark chocolate tones are just for you. These colors will make your eyes look more bright by highlighting your eyes.

Recommendation: Choose dark colors instead of natural colors on your hair bottoms. Dark colors make your skin look more alive and healthy. Keep in mind that your eyes will look brighter with luminous hair. If you think your hair does not shine enough, you can also benefit from the products that give the hair a sparkle.

How to choose the right hair color according to skin color

The color of your eyebrow when you are born completes your skin in the best possible way. You may look worse as you get away from your natural eyebrow color. Therefore, your hair color should be two tons lighter or darker than your eyebrows, especially when choosing your hair color.

Recommendation: Warm skin tones, such as yellow or gold, cold skin tones, such as blue or pink sub-shades. If you have warm skin, you should try copper, gold and chestnut colors in your hair. If you have cold skin tone, you can highlight your skin with ashes, purple and beige.

What are the colors of the hair that bring the lips to the fore?

Red shades of hair reveal the natural color of the lips. Lips are more showy and attractive. Be careful when choosing the wrong colors, which will shadow your skin color. If you are wheat, you can apply any shade of chestnut to your hair. If you are light-skinned, you can look more cool with light red baloons. Red hair using special shampoos, your hair can shine more reds.

Recommendation: The red glittering baloons that you can make on your hair tips can perfectly framing your face. If you do not want to add other colors to your hair permanently, you can try the red spray hair dyes. The hair in your hair will make your lips clear and after a few washings, your hair will return to your own color.

What should be the haircut according to the face?

For a perfect look, you should shape your hair by paying attention to the fit of your face, hair color and cut.

Oval faces
If you have an oval face like Reese Witherspoon, each cut and hair length will suit you. Folded cuts around the face and relics make the cheeks look narrower.

Square Faces
Thin coats and reliefs are beautiful in the shape of a square face. Some asymmetrical cut hair, like Eva Mendes’, softens jaw bones that appear angular.

Round Faces
You need to draw attention to the ends of the hair so that the rounded faces like Kate Hudson look longer. Short-cut cuts can make the face appear more rounded.

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