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What Causes Eczema and How Does It Heal?

Eczema is a condition that I have been suffering for approximately 10-15 years.
I’ve tried so many ways so far. some methods worked, some didn’t. finally I realized that there is no radical solution to this job. nice doctors were already saying. They said whether it was a different substance produced by the liver or sebaceous glands that irritates the skin, I don’t remember the reason, so I mean, there is no solution.

After so many years, of course, although there is not a complete solution, I can say that I have brought the struggle against this disease closer to perfect. It is true that it increases in stressful times, but this job is related to food. I could not eat for a long time due to my illness for a while, and although I could not follow the methods I will explain in a moment, eczema did not occur until I started eating properly.

Anyway, let me not extend the talk and go to my own solutions

  • The first advice I will give is that if you have oily skin, you should wipe your face softly, taking care not to irritate your face at regular intervals with a soft tissue as much as possible.
  • Develop a habit of using moisturizing creams. It prevents lubrication even in the body that produces the amount of oil like me in an oil factory. I would have perished from washing my face outside of the house and wiping it with a handkerchief. now I apply a nice moisturizer without leaving home and spend the day away from the annoyance of oiling for hours. The reason why I avoid lubrication is that it causes eczema as the oil stays.
  • I use a shampoo called prozinc. there are several types. I don’t know what kind of person I have, but the box is purple. Since I always bought it according to its color, I did not feel the need to look at the type. Anyway, you should take a bath every day, if you say you cannot take a bath, you should wash your hair with Prozinc every day. When washing, not only your hair, but also the foam in your hair, pour the foam directly on your face. Of course, be careful not to get it in your eyes. I used to need a cortisone cream every two or three days. Now, thanks to moisturizing cream and Prozinc, I don’t need to use cortisone cream for weeks. You can find this shampoo in pharmacies.
  • The last way I recommend is the cream called prednol. prednol is the cortisone cream I just mentioned. I continue this when the eczema starts on my face and there is no trace of eczema in a day or two. Of course, it is important not to miss this cream. So if you have eczema on the eyelid or something, apply it a little less so that it does not flow into the eyes. As I said, the previous methods work, but there are days when even they do not work and I use prednol, which is my last remedy when I have eczema.

Although I have tried many alternative medicine methods until now, it did not take me 1 week to return to the method of modern medicine. Of course, it is possible that different treatment methods work for different bodies, but it did not work for me. These are the things that I mentioned above are always the methods doctors tell me. Again, it is not possible to act according to your mind without going to the doctor, but I would say it is worth trying.


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