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What Are the Benefits of Carrot Juice?

Is carrot juice useful? What are the benefits of drinking carrot juice? What are the benefits of carrot juice? We are citing an article that will dispel doubts about carrot juice.

The nutritional profile of carrot juice was examined in a 2020 article in which research was conducted on the benefits of carrot juice and the following conclusions were reached
“A study was conducted on the parameters that characterize the nutritional and biological value of industrial production carrot juice. The results of these experiments were compared with data of bass (biologically active substances) profiles of carrot juice from reference books and scientific publications.

It contains data on the nutrient profile created, more than 30 nutrients and bass content. sucrose is the predominant carbohydrate in carrot juice; glucose and fructose concentrations are significantly lower. Among organic acids, l-malic acid predominates, whereas the citric acid content is generally 5-10 times lower than that of l-malic acid. Total acidity of carrot juice is low, there is an average of 0.25 mg of organic acid per 100 cm ^ 3 of fruit juice. carrot juice is a relatively rich source of many vitamins and minerals. On average, one serving (200-250 cm ^ 3) of industrial carrot juice contains about 18% of the recommended daily intake (rdi) for potassium, 9% for magnesium, 8% for iron, 12% for copper. It contains trace and 14% for manganese. The vitamins are largely represented by ß-carotene and other carotenoids (more than 400% of the daily requirement in a serving) as well as niacin, biotin and pantothenic acid (for each of these, about 7% of the rdi in one serving are vitamins). The content of vitamins e and k in the portion is approximately 17% and 10% of the daily requirement, respectively. unclear carrot juice contains about 1.1 g dietary fiber including pectins at 100 cm ^ 3 (approx 0.2 g / 100 cm ^ 3)

According to the results of the research, carrot juice can be considered as an important small bass source such as vitamins e and k, vitamins of group B: niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, mineral substances: potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron. “

To access the full article: [carrot juice nutritional profile]. khomich lm, perova ib, hands ki. voprosy pitaniia, 24 jan 2020, 89 (1): 86-95


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