UEFA 2020 European Football Championship


The 2020 European Football Championship will be the 16th European Football Championship. Tournament finals will be held in the summer of 2020.

National teams of 24 countries will compete in EURO 2020, as in EURO 2016.


Each city will host three group matches and one of the last 16 or quarter finals. The shares are as follows.

Group matches, final 16, semi-final and final: London (England)
Group matches and quarter-finals: Munich (Germany), Baku (Azerbaijan), Saint-Peterburg (Russia), Rome (Italy)
Group matches and the last 16: Copenhagen (Denmark), Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dublin (Ireland), Bilbao (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Glasgow (Scotland)
Group A: Rome (Italy) and Baku (Azerbaijan)
Group B: Saint-Peterburg (Russia) and Copenhagen (Denmark)
Group C: Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bucharest (Romania)
Group D: London (England) and Glasgow (Scotland)
Group E: Bilbao (Spain) and Dublin (Ireland)
Group F: Munich (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary)
While determining the match schedule in the group stage, the following criteria will be applied in determining the home matches of the home teams:

If both host countries participate directly in the finals or both will play play-offs, a draw is drawn to determine in which country the match between them will be played. They play their other two games on their own court.
If only one host country participates directly in the finals, even if the other will play play-offs, the team participating in the finals will play all 3 group matches on its own court.
If only one host country is going to play play-offs and the other is eliminated, group matches are created in such a way that the team that will play the play-off will play 3 matches in their home.
If both host countries are eliminated, the match schedule is determined by UEFA.
If the host country is eliminated in play-offs, the winner of the road on which it is located will replace it. If the draw is necessary, he shot in Nyon, Switzerland, on 22 November 2019 with the 2020 European Football Championship qualifiers – Play-off draws.  The country that is drawn first in the draw (Denmark) will play 3 matches in its own field.

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