Tips to Increase the Chances of Those Who Want to Get Pregnant


If you say “I want to get pregnant,” some advice that may be useful to you.

  1. When you mark your 1st monthly period, there are smartphone apps that show you the days when you are most likely to become pregnant in the following months.

It even states that the baby’s gender is higher than the probability of being a girl or a boy, by coloring in pink or blue. I was quite surprised when I discovered, although the calendar method has been known to women for a long time, this is a much more advanced system.

2. If you are pregnant in natural ways, or if you are pregnant by vaccination, instead of turning this into a source of stress, leave the event to its natural flow.

try to be comfortable and peaceful. It is a proven fact that when feeling psychologically balanced, pregnancy rates increase significantly. if you are trying to get pregnant naturally, focus on enjoying this process with your partner, instead of doing it with a sense of duty; this is one of the details that has a positive effect on fertility.

3. Eat as organic and balanced as possible.

I met a woman who could not get pregnant for years because only one vitamin group was missing in her body. She became pregnant shortly after becoming a regular vitamin needle for a while. Go through a full-fledged doctor check before getting pregnant, supplement your body if there is a deficiency that prevents you from getting pregnant, if there is a disease, start treatment first and reschedule the process of conception as permitted by the doctor. It goes without saying that the expectant mothers and fathers should stay away from smoking (naturally or treatment) during pregnancy.

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