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The Real Cause of Wrinkles and Baldness According to Japanese Scientists: Ghost Capillaries

Japanese scientists have suggested problems with capillaries as the source of things like hair loss, wrinkles, and fatigue. Let’s examine.

According to Japanese scientists, it is a completely natural and free method of reducing wrinkles in the body and reducing discomfort such as hair loss and thinning.

According to a documentary I watched on the NHK world channel, dysfunctional capillaries called ghost blood vessels are formed when some of the capillaries in the body lose their function due to excessive carbohydrate consumption, sedentary life, inadequate sleep, smoking and aging. Wrinkles and sagging occur because the skin and subcutaneous cells cannot be adequately fed due to capillaries that have lost their function.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the amount of capillaries in all parts of the body is reduced and sufficient oxygen and essential substances cannot be carried to the body;

wrinkles and sagging on the skin,
slow brain work and memory problems,
softening or melting of bone,
hair thinning and shedding,
decrease in lung and kidney capacity,
cold hands and feet,
not seeing the effects of the drugs used,
It causes many discomfort such as feeling constantly tired and weak.

capillaries that became dysfunctional as a result of the work of Japanese scientists;
It has been observed that it regains function with daily exercise, low carbohydrate diet, quality and adequate sleep.

In the documentary, the movement of jumping rope by changing feet every time as an exercise is tried.

Those who participate in the scientific study shown in the documentary and whose capillaries have lost their function are recommended to follow the relevant diet for 21 days, get enough sleep and do the daily exercise. In this way, it is detected by high-resolution medical cameras that some of the dysfunctional capillaries of people who have spent 21 days in this way are functioning again.


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