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The Most Preferred Cryptocurrency Types

There are different types of cryptocurrencies, just like coins in circulation, and these differ according to their value. The most valuable of crypto currencies is Bitcoin, which entered the virtual market in 2009.

What Are The Most Preferred Cryptocurrency Types?

Crypto coins are not affiliated with any center and are produced in computer environment with special techniques. Unlike currencies in circulation in the economy, the value of cryptocurrencies that do not require printing is also determined differently from the currencies in circulation. The coins in circulation may vary according to the socio-economic situation of the country, but the value of crypto coins is determined by the demand for it. The state, which determines inflation by increasing the amount of money in circulation, cannot interfere with decentralized cryptocurrencies.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies, just like coins in circulation, and these differ according to their value. The most valuable of crypto currencies is Bitcoin, which entered the virtual market in 2009. Bitcoin is the most expensive compared to other crypto currencies and is the most preferred crypto currency due to its constant change in value. This cryptocurrency is produced by miners working as Bitcoin producers, but can also be purchased from sites operating in this field.

Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Another one of the crypto money types is the popular coin Ethereum. Ethereum, known as the only serious competitor of Bitcoin, is a decentralized crypto currency like Bitcoin. Special software produced by Ethereum has brought thousands of new altcoins to the crypto money market. So much so that it was defined as “crypto fuel” by its founder.

Litecoin, which offers a very large storage capacity and can be transferred quickly, appeared in 2011. Ripple, on the other hand, stands out as the global payment network works very fast and is generally cheaper than other cryptocurrencies. Ripple, which performs smooth money transfers to all regions, attracts attention as a type of crypto currency used by many banks.

Dash and ZCASH

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency types is Dash. This crypto currency, which is the altcoin unit of Bitcoin, has been in existence since 2014. Dash, which brought huge amounts to many people with the rise it experienced in 2017, made a name for itself by providing a high level of user privacy. Dash is also a cryptocurrency designed for the privacy of Bitcoin.

Another altcoin ZCASH, which is frequently in the preferences of crypto money investors, is relatively more valuable than other altcoins. Due to the importance it attaches to information privacy, it is considered an ideal option for investors who prioritize anonymity.

Cardano, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, EOS

Cardano, which entered the cryptocurrency scene in 2015, is a crypto currency that is executed with protocols different from the others. With Cardano, which has a separate virtual wallet and card, money can be sent from the wallet to the card and the money on the card can be automatically converted into the currency used by the user.

Tether, which met with investors the same year, was known for being indexed to dollars. Tether does not charge a transfer fee when transferred between wallets in its own unit, while a fee is charged when transferring to different units. This digital currency, seen as the dollar of the crypto money market, is a good alternative for investors to easily convert their money.

Bitcoin Cash is a crypto currency that is a continuation of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash, which said “hello” in 2017, as soon as it entered the market, those who owned Bitcoin got the same amount of Bitcoin Cash. However, this cryptocurrency, whose value suddenly decreased due to the desire to sell Bitcoin Cash at once, separated from Bitcoin and became a different unit in order not to decrease the value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is also centrally independent, just like Bitcoin, and is a type of crypto money that facilitates binary transfer.

EOS, another decentralized cryptocurrency, sees storage as its main target. Meeting with crypto money investors in 2017, EOS has achieved an important position as a set of systems operating in block production instead of mining.


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