We cannot know if the Illuminati is ruling the world, but we can give information about its establishment and what is what.

Year 1776
In bavaria the new ideals of rationality, freedom of religion, and universal human rights were confronted with the public influence of the Catholic church. A new nation beyond the Atlantic Ocean claimed its right to independence based on these ideals.

Weishaupt decided to spread his ideas through a secret society, shedding light on the shortcomings of the church’s ideology. He named the secret society illuminati.

Weishaupt took the views of the secret society from the masons. Originally from the late Middle Ages, the elite community of stonemasons, the masons moved from passing on the masonry craft to mostly supporting the ideals of knowledge and reason.

Over time, it grew into a semi-secret, elite society, containing many wealthy and active individuals, with its flamboyant secret chant ceremonies. Weishaupt created his own parallel society while also joining the masons and recruiting members from them.

In 1784, it had more than 600 members, including influential scholars and politicians. As the illuminati members increased, the american revolution gained speed. Meanwhile, the existence of the illuminati had become a well-known secret. both illumanites and masons particularly attracted the wealthy elite of society. these groups were not necessarily against religion. He wanted religious and state affairs to be separated.

When the Illuminati members gained prominent positions in local government and universities, the 1784 decree by the duke of bavaria banned all secret societies. 9 years after its foundation, the group disbanded and weishaupt was exiled.

Illuminati then claimed that they were planning the French revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy 10 years after its short existence. In the USA, the preacher Morse put forward a similar idea of the Illuminati conspiracy against the state. But although the idea that a secret society is planning a political revolution still exists today, there is no evidence that the Illuminati survived and continues its activities in secret.

The idea of rationality did not begin or end with the illuminati, on the contrary, it was a community that represented a wave of change that was under construction when it was founded and continued long after it disbanded.

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