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The Game That Fly With Excitement Level: Interesting Facts About Cyberpunk 2077

how was the soundtrack?
it was pretty good. synth predominantly; but there are also various music played on radio stations. There was also heavy metal, punk and foreign traditional music. There are also advertisements and presenters on the radios.

Can we see the character’s body as first person? (legs etc.)
yes we can see.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the demo?
V’s hands are seen as restless, then blades pop out, just like in the original teaser trailer. She then sees the two guards and runs a little across the wall before snapping one of the blades into the wall. now it is right above them. He then hacks one of the bodyguards’ gun and gets it jammed. Then he jumps on the first bodyguard and stabs the other bodyguard in the neck before he can blindfold it. the other bodyguard’s weapon makes the prisoner and then the v takes care of it too. “We try to encourage different play styles. “You can be a pacifist if you want, or you can be a siberninja.” A little mention of siberninja made my whole day beautiful.

Did they confirm that samurai swords and blades protruding from arms would be the only melee weapons available?
they didn’t mention it, but they said there would be “a wide variety of melee weapons”. so I don’t think only those two will happen. It also makes sense to play as melee. The welcome / parry mechanics are available and you can use the katana.

Did they show off their melee skills and technology? throwing knives from the arm at the enemy, etc. Were there different elements like?
They had saved the blade for the last, but I’m sure there will be skills that can be developed by some doctors willing to make “illegal improvements”. game improvements via doctors etc. can be done.

Can you tell us what the inventory system looks like? Is there an inventory system similar to the witcher 3? Can you see and / or rotate your character?
yes, you can see your character in the inventory. It’s pretty similar to the one found in the witcher 3, but more transparent and tech-y.

Would we want a lot if we wanted a roughly ms paint version of the inventory system? just the general structure and appearance etc.
frankly i can’t remember all the details. the entire character of the character is located on the far right of the inventory and fills 1/3 of the total screen. The part related to the inventory is on the left, just like the witcher 3.

Does the game stop when you return to the inventory or menu?
I think.

Has it been given the impression that we could expect a melee system with less an element of stealth?
If we can improve things like tank abilities, close combat is also seen as playable. You can move incredibly fast in the game. So I can already see that the characters can move quickly and kill people with their melee skills.

how is game technology? hair simulations (hairworks) etc. is it better than the witcher 3? clothes and similar types of materials? Was there deformation, destruction or any other technology you could speak of?
There are too many destruction elements in the game. walls are eroding, your hiding places are falling apart. pillars are destroyed when subjected to intense fighting. Actually, there was no point to mention about the clothes, but the world and detail of the game was very good. the population density in the game was too high (almost hitman level). on hair etc. I haven’t seen any technology, but I have doubts that it hasn’t been put in because it hasn’t been optimized yet. Frankly, I was very surprised that there are almost no loading screens in the game and the view range issues. something amazing. That is why I am not surprised that they want to show the game in the daytime.

What do you think about the quality of the script and dialogues?
I think it’s nice. The jokes and jokes interspersed between the war scenes are pretty good. Like in the Witcher 3, but taken to the next level. The actual cutscene dialogues where you have to talk to people is pretty fun, but also in a way that fits nicely into the cyberpunk style.

Are the scenes we refer to as “main cutscene dialogues” from the perspective of tp (third person)?
yes they are. some scenes use the fp viewpoint but this gets you more into the game. for example, in a scene you are talking to a man sitting in the back of the car. He gives you information about the mission and while you smoke, the driver takes you around the city. Although I wasn’t playing, it was pretty good and I felt more focused on the game.

Can you compare the conflict system in the game with different games? If you compare, which game do you think the hit share in the game is closer to?
The combat system in the game feels like a dishonored, something little coupled with the titanfall mechanics. he was constantly sliding or running on the wall for protection while the developer was promoting the game. gunfight as a combination of many games


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