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The Flavor Promoted From Snack To Art With Fine Details In Its Preparation: Cheese Plate

Cheese plate, which is one of the tastes that best suits wine, evolves to a different point than clichés when prepared skillfully.

We can list the foods that should be on your table with your cheese plate and that will create a perfect harmony with cheeses as follows.

Nuts such as rye or oat bread, crackers, rusks, walnuts, almonds, fresh fruits, dried fruits, greens such as parsley, dill, fennel, honey, jam, butter.

We can add wine types to this list as beverages.

The position of the cheeses on the plate is a separate lesson.

The order on the plate should be clockwise, choose the 6 o’clock position for the start and go from mild to sharp ones. The middle of the circle formed by the cheeses is also sometimes taken as a starter.

If we take the middle zone as 1

  1. fresh cheeses
  2. cheeses made from sheep’s and goat’s milk

3.soft cheeses, white mold cheeses (brie, camembert)

  1. medium hard cheeses, soft cheeses with red mold (gouda, emmental)
  2. hard cheeses (parmesan)
  3. aromatic and strong-smelling moldy cheeses (blue cheese, gorgonzola)

There should be at least 5 different kinds of cheese selected from different flavors in a plate.

triangular cut is preferred as the cut and the end is lined up facing the outside of the plate.

The color or pattern of the plate should not override the cheeses.

It is necessary to serve fresh fruits in a separate bowl.

Bread selection is also important. The ones with fresh, brown and crispy skin are preferred.

If our cheese plate will be served as a main course with wine, it should be 250 g per person, and 100 g if an aperitif.

Cheeses should be taken out of the refrigerator half an hour or an hour before serving.

To exaggerate the thing, different types of cheese have different knife types. It is recommended that each cheese be cut using separate cheese knives.

Now you too can become an artist of this art and seduce your guests.


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