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Tactics Applied to Stop Jordan in Time and Successful: Jordan Rules

What is it, what is not?

While the Chicago Bulls Hegemony has not started in the late 80s in the NBA, the pistons and bulls tactic based on Michael Jordan were tactic each year in a row. In this first match years when his majesty has not yet been called a legend, pistons always managed to eliminate the bulls. Seeing that there is no way to stop MJ in general, the Detroiters have made it possible to block their passages and encourage Jordan to shoot hard shots by pissing off. In the following years, they became increasingly ugly, and even at this point, they tried to swear at every position in the match, to throw elbows when the referee did not see them, and even to intimidate bulls with hard and clear fouls at the expense of deliberate fouls when he was not enough. However, Chicago Bulls, which have matured over the years, will not yield to more pistons from the early 90s and will mark the league under the leadership of their majesty.

In periods when there is no hand-checking event in nba, while the game is not far from the circle yet, while the middle distance is based on shooting and penetration, they are facing the bad boys of Jordan and Detroit while playing much more physically and mentally.

very good at playoffs in the 1988 season (regular season mvp, defender of the year, all-star mvp, league scorer, league steal king, dunk contest champion) where michael jordan ramped up the league alone and won almost all individual prizes entering, the Chicago bulls are hitting the detroit pistons with Mariah Thomas at the conference semifinal. The whole NBA circle was talking about the Jordan rules applied by bad boys who passed the series with 4-1. This very hard defense, which relies entirely on physically and mentally intimidating MJ, has kept Jordan playing an average of 34.0 points in the previous series with an average of 27.4 points. then the detroit pistons lost the nba final against lakers with 4-3.

In the 1989 season, the two teams meet in the final of the conference this time, and bad boys still manage to beat the bulls with 4-2. This time, the pistons sweeping magic johnson, kareem lakers with 4-0.

After the seasons that were hit by bad boys and jordan rules in a row, when michael jordan could not be alone, coach phil jackson is brought to the head coach of bulls. When Jackson takes office, the first thing they do with assistant coach Tex Winter is to find a way to bypass bad boys’ Jordan rules.

They also find the solution that raises phil jackson and michael jordan to the level of legends. triangle offense. Sharing responsibility would have done much better than shoulder it alone. In 1990, bulls and troops face each other at the east conference final. this time chicago bulls survives until the last match, with the help of scottie pippen, who had a very bad final match, the series is still lost. they couldn’t do it again, but they were very close to taking down bad boys.

In the summer of 1990, they create a Chicago bulls that work harder and master the triangle attack. again that season, phil jackson further enhances the role of scottie pippen in the team.

Completing the regular season as the leader in the 1991 season, Chicago Bulls come to the bad boys for the first time with the advantage of the field while coming to the conference final. While there are still doubts about bulls due to the wide benchi and mental power of the pistons, the triangle offense builds an overwhelming advantage in the battle of strategies, and bulls sweep the bad guys this time around. The admirals of bad boys, Isaiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer and Mark Aguirre, who were removed from the game with 7.9 seconds remaining in the fourth match, are leaving the field without congratulating their opponents. it just shakes hands with joe dumars and john salley jordan.

Jordan and Bulls reach their first championship in which they will add 5 more next to him by defeating Lakers with Magic Johnson in the final.


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