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PlayStation 5 release date! What awaits us?

The highly anticipated PlayStation 5 Showcase event took place. In the promotional broadcast, where we saw all the details including the PlayStation5 release date and price, we also saw the games that will come to PS5. The most striking point of the event, where we saw gameplay videos from games such as Spider-Man and Resident Evil, which we saw in the previous event, was the display of the episode of the Call of Duty Cold War game at Trabzon Airport at the event. PlayStation 5 release date and price have been announced!

PlayStation 5 release date and price announced!
PS Plus Collection was another service shown within the scope of the event. Thanks to the PlayStation Plus Collection, PS 5 owners will now be able to play some PS4 productions retrospectively. As part of the event, it was not announced whether PS Plus Collection will have a separate pricing, but it may be offered free of charge for PS Plus subscribers.

Official sales prices for PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have been announced. A price tag of $ 499 has been set for the disc version of the PS5. For the Digital Edition of the PS5, ie the diskless version, a price of $ 399 has been set. At these prices, we can say that the PlayStation posed a threat to the latest Xbox consoles whose prices were official last week. Turkey prices for the models have not been disclosed yet officially PS5.

The latest Sony consoles will be available worldwide on November 12, for the US, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Australia market, and November 19 worldwide.

What do you think about the prices of PS5 models?


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