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Pink Floyd Masterpiece, Every Second Full of Metaphors About Existence, Universe and Life: Echoes

Located in the 1971 Pink Floyd album Meddle, this 24-minute work has a very few songs, such as giving each person a different feeling.

When this remarkable work came out in 1971, roger waters and rick wright were 28, nick mason 27 and david gilmour 25 years old

These talented and extraordinarily creative four people who have not yet arrived in thirty are a clear and valuable indication of how mature and comprehended the world and their understanding of life are and how well they can approach reality.

I think that Pink Floyd has a very important place in the development process with the meddle album in which it is located. pink floyd “is the pink floyd, and when I think together with the historical development of this unique group, the pink floyd is the” pink floyd “, and the album is well known for its maturity, the masterpiece is echoes for me. first of all, it is possible to observe that there is a change towards life and existence and human life rather than images that evoke a psychedelic or strange abstraction in the group’s lyrics. this change is also present in the atom heart mother but it has found a serious ground with meddle and especially echoes. it is a valuable work even for such technical reasons only echoes. but this is an insignificant detail besides what ECHOES can feel and think about a person. For me, echoes is a work of art that is meaningful and valuable to existence, to life, to life and of course to people. I do not know how many times I have listened to him since the day I first listened to him years ago, but I know I interpret / understand the same strings in different times at different times.

I’d like to share the heaviest of these different interpretations here.

In the process of development, the work took the names of nothing, parts 1-24, and the son of nothing, the return of the son of nothing, respectively, during the development process, using the touch of rick wright’s piano keys The atmospheric ambience created by the piano touch passing through leslie reminds me of the image of drops of water falling into the water laced in a damp cave. Another connoisseurs of dark nothingness. It’s reminiscent of something that’s evolving in the middle of it, a motion, considering that all of the names it took in the process of development, the word “nothing” was initially nothing. It’s probably not wrong to think that the silence before the storm is broken with the piano keys and the news of the storm’s coming and the guitar entering softly after the first minute. When the storm breaks down… it reminds me of the formation of the universe, the big explosion, in the middle of a dark nothingness, a light begins to spread out in the moment of the first explosion; the moment the guitar enters. In my mind, a huge explosion, and then the universe is experiencing extraordinary motion and change; billions of galaxies; trillions and trillions of stars and countless planets. And one of them is our sun and our world, and after terrible temperatures, pressures, collisions, destruction and catastrophe, the Earth emerges and becomes a little more subtle over time. Overhead. The albatross hangs motionless upon the air and deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves the echo of a distant time comes willowing across the sand and everything is green and submarine.

Around the third minute, david gilmour and rick wright begin to sing the lines above with their unique vocals; a very nice introduction that takes the listener in the first second

These strings tell us about the beginning of life on Earth. The first cell forms begin to form at the bottom of the water. Imagine yourself on the seashore “with an albatross hanging above your head in the air” you and Albatross, you’re both there in the flesh, but billions of years before you, under those waves of water that rolled over the edge of the sea, there was a motion that started your story. Now the echo of a distant past (the echo of a distant time) waves announce to you on that beach. Millions of years go by, everything about life is still at the bottom of the sea, but the photosynthesis is still at the bottom of the sea. And no one showed us to the land and no one knows the where’s or what’s. something stirs and something tries starts to climb toward the light.

Then there are much more advanced life forms under the sea, and some of them tend to land.

(no one knows where’s or why), nobody called them to the land (no one showed us to the land) but something moves in his mind, constantly in motion and change. climbing from light without water to light, life is coming to land. this movement and evolution of life finally reveals the human being; oh it is humanity that eats each other …

strangers passing in the street
by chance two separate glances meet
and i am you and what i see is me.
and do i take you by the hand
and lead you through the land
and help me understand
the best i can.

These traces of life’s distant past for billions of years, which fill the narrator’s mind like an avalanche, show that we’re all fundamentally the same; we all came from the same nothingness.

When our eyes intersect by chance two separate glances meet on the street with strangers passing in the street, what we see is that we’re the same; you’re him. And it’s you (i am you and what i see is me) you’re the same as the foreigner, you have to take his hand and move along this piece of land that you came on millions of years ago. (lead you through the land). You have to help him to make the best sense of life (help me understand the best i can), because life is sometimes, even for all of us is depressed, dark and And no one calls us to move on and no one forces down our eyes no one speaks and no one tries no one flies around the sun






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