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New York Giants


They were founded in 1925, and since 2010 they have been playing their matches with new york jets at the 82,500 capacity new meadowlands stadium in the meadowlands sports complex. They are much more popular in the city than jets.

The New York Giants, an American football team created in 1925, are a franchise of the National Football League (NFL).

The team plays its home games at MetLife Stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey where the team is from. This stadium is shared under a unique arrangement with the New York Jets, another NFL franchise.

The Giants hold eight national titles including four Super Bowls (1986, 1990, 2008 and 2011).

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Indianapolis Colts


The Indianapolis Colts are an American football franchise based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team is currently a member of the South Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

The franchise was officially founded in 1953 in Baltimore, Maryland, but its history can be traced back to the Dayton Triangles, established in 1913 and a founding member of the NFL. After a series of changes, they took the name Baltimore Colts to replace another team of the same name founded in 1950. Playing at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, the Colts were the first team to have cheerleaders. In 1984, the team moved to Indianapolis, and they would play at the Hoosier Dome, which was later renamed RCA Dome, then from 2008 the team moved to Lucas Oil Stadium.

As the Baltimore Colts, the team won 4 NFL Championships (3 NFL Finals in 1958, 1959 and 1968 and the Super Bowl in 1971). Since moving to Indianapolis, the team won the Super Bowl in 2007. In 1998, the team became the first in league history to win 12 or more games in 5 consecutive seasons before extending that record to 7 consecutive seasons after the 2009 season.

Colts logos and uniforms have essentially remained the same since the team’s debut in 1953. The helmet is white with a blue logo. Blue jerseys have white stripes on the shoulders, while white jerseys have blue stripes. The team also wears white pants with blue stripes down the sides.

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New York Jets


It was founded in 1959, its colors are green-white. They play their matches in New Jersey Giants Stadium, for years they have projects to build a stadium in the middle of Manhattan or Queens. For five years they have been led by their charismatic and media husband, Edwards Herman. Another nfl representative of new york city is new york giants.

The first team to win the super bowl ..

plenty of budget, a middle-level team, a solid defender, a disgrace offensive team, a middle-level special team, when it comes to newyork jets, I always think of new england patriots matches for some reason officially like a derby. They are using the stadium colors are green and white.

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New England Patriots


In the history of the National Football League, there is no team in the famous final game more than three times – with the exception of the New England Patriots. This success is of course not a coincidence. When it comes to management, companies have a lot to learn from Patriots.

In the past 20 years, no American professional team has achieved the kind of success in the league they have played in the New England Patriots’ National Football League (NFL). Regularly winning matches every season in the NFL is a very hard achievement. This tactical and ruthless sport requires 53 players to move in near perfect synchronization. Even in a short period of 10 years, “consistent success” is a level that only a few teams can reach. But Patriots have been making a difference for nearly 20 years. The team has been in the Super Bowl eight times since 2001, which is an incredible feat. No team other than the Patriots had even participated in the tournament more than three times.

New England’s success is a reflection of the way the organization is run. Ultimately, NFL is also a business and Patriots leads the organization of which it is a part, with best management practices. Focusing on the essentials and fitness, Patriots shape the system it uses to shine the strengths of its staff and do not let disruptions take them away from the path to success. Companies have a lot to learn from Patriots; especially when it comes to personnel management and consistent leadership.

The Patriots have proven their worth in keeping their players performing at their best. While there are many strong, smart and athletic football players in the NFL, Patriots do a much better job of optimizing their players’ performance than any other team. We have witnessed many times in the past that many overlooked actors have done far above their previous performances when it comes to Patriots. Likewise, we’ve seen time and again that very successful Patriots players achieved disappointing results after leaving and joining a new team. Just like Patriots, companies must ensure that their talent and the system they use complement each other.

While the Patriots can get the optimum performance from their players, they are not afraid to make difficult decisions about their staff. If he believes that an actor is past his best time, he doesn’t get emotional about posting him. So no one is untouchable when it comes to the survival of the team. There was much talk of Malcolm Butler’s not being placed on the front line in the 2018 Super Bowl, with the Patriots’ performance that confirmed the 2015 Super Bowl victory. Companies should learn from Patriots that no one is superior to the team, regardless of their seniority or past success.

One of the most important elements of the Patriots’ success is the stability in their main leadership positions and their knowing what they want philosophy. Owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady make up the core of the Patriots dynasty. Even when these three disagree on matters off the pitch (as we recently saw on Brady’s controversial personal coach and whether or not substitute quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was recruited), nothing beats their commitment to excellent football. Many books written on management; encourages companies to develop internal talent and evolve into an organization full of employees ready to become CEOs. Although the Patriots did not adopt this clause of best management practices, consistent leadership in their senior management determined the direction of the entire organization.

The Patriots’ three defeats in the Super Bowl also contain some lessons for those standing by the defeat. The team lost to the New York Giants in the 2008 and 2012 Super Bowl games, and to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018 Super Bowl. In each of these three matches, the opposing team applied the same basic strategy and made constant attacks on Brady. The only way to effectively contain Brady was to break his rhythm by attacking him. Just like in this example, each company must find its own space, highlight its strengths, and attack competitors’ weak points.

The Super Bowl is the biggest night in the American sports world and is watched by 200 million people worldwide. Be sure to watch the 53rd Super Bowl game this February to see what more companies can learn from football. Maybe Patriots have other lessons in their pocket!

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How to Train a Cat?


How is the cat trained? How should cat training be? Can cats be trained? Yes, cats can be trained with a few tricks, though not as much as dogs.
first: a cat is not a human. does not know right and wrong, you have to teach.

second: yes; a cat is not a dog either, but it can still be trained. Just like people, some learn quickly, some learn late, some do not apply, even if they learn, they are stubborn.

only with classic conditioning, reward and punishment you can train the cat. What I call punishment is not physical punishment, we will come to this.

reward him for doing what you want him to do
It can be prize food, it can be wet food, it can be giving the toy you love, it can be caressing the area that you like to be caressed, it can be a sincere well-being. If you don’t know why you like it, you have a problem, first educate yourself on how to care for a cat responsibly. flower in pots with cat look different things.

example: he’s raking the seats: get rewarded each time he uses his own scratching bit. He urinates on the carpet: get rewarded every time he uses his toilet.

The critical point in rewarding is to be rewarded by everyone in the household for every time he does the right behavior until he is fully trained. patience and consistency. Also, the reward should be given immediately or it will not be able to establish the link between behavior and reward.

To say shhhhh and to call “no” (or any other standard word you will specify) in a firm voice without shouting too much. patience and consistency are also important in punishment.

The rule in punishment is that there is never physical punishment or contact, even if it is light enough not to hurt. No water spraying either. yes, it doesn’t hurt; yes, it works, but there is a danger of damaging your relationship and causing more severe behavioral disorders. Shhhh, and “no” is enough for him to realize that what he did was wrong. The aim here is to communicate, not to calm our nerves by punishing.

Another tip in punishment: you came from the kitchen to the living room and there is pee on the carpet. If you punish him for not catching on the job, he will understand that he was punished, but he cannot understand why. Remember, they’re not human, so they’re not that smart. Do not punish anything you cannot do in the red.

Also, cat owners have a behavior that I can never understand
You don’t want him to come to the dining table. You got angry that he came and bothered you, and you bought and gave some food from the table so that it was gone as soon as possible. Put yourself in the cat’s shoes, will you come to the table for the next meal? Remember: classical conditioning. never do anything that could mean a reward after negative behavior.

Example from the topic of the title: He came in front of the bedroom door and shouts. first you were patient and then you let it in so that you could not stand it. Meanwhile the cat: hmm, if I come to the door and shout enough, the door opens!

Common mistakes in cat training: acting inconsistently, inability to be patient for a long time in training, different attitudes of family members, physical or excessive punishment, not using the reward method, throwing their own lack of business on the cat (our cat is not the cat you know). How does the trainer train? (sorry, their cat is so good so clever)

two educational additions

  • you can have a cat do almost anything dogs do. but you have to go very slowly. for example nail cutting training. First let the nail clippers get used to the living space and get used to it visually and tactually, then let him get used to letting you touch his paws, then let him pull his nails off, then let you cut one nail at a time, and finally cut all his nails at once. If it reacts negatively when you do something new, don’t force it and try again in a few hours or the next day. Do not move on to the next without successfully achieving one stage.
  • ignore it as an alternative to the method of punishment. in some cases even more effective than punishment. the cat is an interesting creature, unlike other pets. He can exhibit the negative behavior you try to discourage just to get your attention from boredom and to make you punish him. The philosophy is “punishment is better than nothing”. You know, looking in your eyes, he’s knocking over the table, that’s it. In this method, the cat that does the negative behavior is treated as if it disappeared suddenly. they are not shouted, touched, not made eye contact and they are avoided. until he loses his immediate interest in you. for example, he scratched your hand while loving his belly. Immediately turn off your attention and walk away without saying anything. This method works very well if you can be patient with waking up at night. I be warned, first there is an increase in negative behavior, but then it decreases and disappears. Warning: this method should not be used in cases of serious attack or aggression towards children.
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Miami Dolphins


The legendary quarterback dan marino’s team .. The first of jim carrey’s pet detective movies was based on the story of the stealing of the dolphin, the mascot of this team. The only team that made the perfect season in nfl. They won all their matches in 1977. this record has not been broken yet. They were founded in 1966 and play their matches with florida marlins from mlb teams at sun life stadium.

It is a professional American football team located in the Miami metropolitan area. They compete in the National Football League as a member team of the East division of the league’s American Football Conference. The team plays their home games at the Hard Rock Stadium in the northern suburb of Miami Gardens, Florida.

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Buffalo Bills


Probably the most popular and known team in africa. The reason is that thousands of t-shirts with “super bowl xxx champions buffalo bills”, which were prepared to be put on the market for the championship in the first place, were sent to children in Africa for 4 years.

It is one of the most unfortunate teams of nfl. However, in the 90s, led by jim kelly, he came to the fore with the offense called no-huddle offense, a team that made the rival bounce to gold all season long. This wonderful attack also embodies a legendary running back like Thurman Thomas, which produces maniac statistics on the rust and running field. Even though Jim ripped his ass, he became the point guard who lost 4 superbowls in a row, starting with Superbowl xxv. He put in a giants, put in a redskins, both times he put in damn cowboys. it’s a pity.

They were founded in 1960 and have been playing their matches since 1973 at the 73,000 capacity ralph wilson stadium.

The team their fans define as the real football team of the state of new york. Although the teams whose names are jets and giants identify themselves as new york city’s teams, buffalo fans describe their teams as the real new york team since they play in east rutherford, new jersey.

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What Are the Harm of Energy Drinks?


Energy drink damages the heart, effects and effects in sexual and mental aspects … This and many other problems make energy drink lovers anxious. Here are the effects of energy drinks on the body.
Energy drinks, especially consumed by the young population, are used to relieve fatigue during the day, to increase performance during exam periods, to relieve sleepiness at night, and to delay sleep. moreover, it is consumed with alcohol. To what extent do these energy drinks threaten our health?

These drinks entered our lives in the early twentieth century. In 1920, it was given to bedridden sick, debilitated patients. Its use increased during World War II, Japan had a lot of uses. the Japanese also added an amphetamine into it. thus it became a real “bomb”. With the ban on amphetamine use in beverages, the popularity of energy drinks has declined. until the 1980s. In the eighties, Japan, especially the United States, found a slogan that re-brightened / exploded energy drink consumption:

  • Are you ready to fight for 24 hours?

Advertisements were also derived from this drink as if your metabolism was tireless. even companies like coca-cola and pepsi cola have shifted towards the “energy drink” axis. and an american marketing manager named ditri masetsis traveled to the far east. He wanted to return to America and produce this drink consisting of caffeine and theory, he succeeded … You haven’t heard of this drink anyway, redbull!

Energy drink consumption increased by 5000% in the USA between 1994 and 2014. that is, it increased 50 times. and its annual return started from 20 billion dollars, even exceeding the 60 billion dollar band. Another problem, especially in the USA, is the number of users aged 12-17, at a level of one third of total usage.

It is known that a can of energy drinks contains 14-15 teaspoons of sugar. FDA has limited the upper limit of daily caffeine consumption to 400 mg. Considering that a cup of coffee contains 90 mg of caffeine, the cup calculation can also be made. Come on, the US did not oblige to show caffeine on the table above these drinks. Some studies have reported that an energy drink contains around 400 mg of caffeine.

What are the harms of excess caffeine?
• frequent urination
• severe headache

Many contemporary dormitories imposed bans on energy drinks full of puzzlers.
• Individuals under the age of 16 cannot purchase these drinks in the UK.
• Sale under the age of 18 is prohibited in Lithuania.
• Another countries banned the sale of turkey under 18 years of age. This has been the case since 2017.

the long-term harm of energy drink consumption
Cardiovascular diseases
(arrhythmia, hypertension, blood pressure abnormalities)
Dental and oral health problems
Some bone development disorders
Diabetes (diabetes)

fda is directly related to the energy drink, which has reported 34 deaths to date.

So what is the problem with consuming alcohol?
consumption of alcohol makes the body intoxicated. tends to sleep, eyes close slightly, body becomes heavy, movements slow down. but with the energy drink this “slowdown” does not happen and you continue drinking! the limit you will say stop increases and you continue to drink!

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Coffee Tasteers Who Can Remove The Tag Of Coffee From Its Smell And Taste: Q Grader


What you need to know about Q Graders (Quality Graders), which are the quality meters that can deduce where that coffee comes from from the taste and smell of coffee.

The quality grader (q grader), which we can call quality measurers, pass through the programs determined by the coffee quality institute (shortly cqi), which is a non-profit organization established in 1996. These people, who have the ability to distinguish coffees based on the smell and taste of the coffee, decide on the score of the coffees and classify the coffees.

The main purpose of the q grader and therefore the classification of coffee is to have a wide variety of coffee fruits in the world and to create a common language in the evaluation of the final product after these coffee fruits are collected, washing / drying, dehulling, scaling, roasting. Thanks to this common language and the spread of this language, it makes it easy to solve the factors that change and decrease the quality and to identify the factors that increase the quality.
There are over 5500 q graders in the world.

If we simply look at the skills of these experts; They are skilled enough to identify 36 flavors that can characterize coffee or find flaws / loss of quality in a slightly roasted coffee sample. To reach this level, they pass through a complex and demanding program and pass exams consisting of 22 tests that include all sensory skills, up to determining the degrees of sour and sweet salt in coffee samples. As expected, the rate of successfully completing this exam is very, very low.

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Which Coffee Mill Should You Buy From Tens Of Brands?


A list that will help those who want to buy a coffee grinder but cannot make a decision.

We can divide coffee mills into two as hand mills and automatic mills.

A. Hand Mills

If you are going to grind for methods such as filter coffee and cold brew, I think hand mills save you from great costs in terms of price. Also, it does not tire much while grinding. But since you have to grind quite finely for coffees such as espresso and Turkish coffee, it helps you to reach the target physique you define as “I don’t want to be as arnold, it is enough as brad pitt in fight club” as a forearm.

  • the so-called hand grinder: I used the so-called hand grinder for a long time to make espresso. The price is around if I’m not mistaken; but over time (over a long period of time) it starts to miss the tune. in this case you will need to replace the bolt that acts as the stopper. Also, as I said, it is a little tiring with fine grinding. Looking at the price, I guess there is no cheaper one. I think this is the mill that can be taken blindly at first, considering situations such as budget, etc.
  • hario skerton: I don’t have detailed information because I don’t use it; but people are generally satisfied, and the price is generally in the economic class among hand mills. also parts can be washed. There are also those who complain on the internet; but preferable mill.
  • comandante c40: however, the price advantage I mentioned above is disappearing as I move towards better mills. For example, the comandante you will probably come across while researching, for example, is around … Frankly, it seems unreasonable to me to give that much money and get tired on it. It is not a matter of fainting that much money and doing labor. handmade things are good but romance is also up to a point. There is a lot of information available on the internet, the users are always satisfied, they can grind in the espresso setting. Type beauty knives are of high quality, generally stainless steel.

Advantages of hand mills in general: they deliver all the coffee you grind directly into the chamber (some remain in the automatic), can be adjusted to millimeters if you want (most of the automatons are adjusted step by step) and they are quite affordable in terms of cost (except for the c40). It’s clean to start with a suitable solution to see how temporary or permanent it is.

B. Automatic mills

When it comes to automatic mills, the price increases considerably; but depending on the type of brewing, it may not be necessary to faint that much money. Meanwhile, these are divided into dosed-hopper (the ground coffee fills into a chamber and pulls the spring-loaded lever releases the ground coffee from below) and on demand (which directly expels the ground coffee). some find the file unnecessary for the house; because you don’t grind it from the front like cafes and then pull it for practical purposes. to drink fresh and you grind as much as you would drink as you would already do for one or two On the other hand, on-demand machines make the environment a little dirty. Chute coffees are scattered around a little, whether you want to or not.

The important thing in automatic machines is to proceed with gear machines, not knives. The reason for this is that knife grinders work with blender logic and chop the coffee. The downside is that some of the beans are very large and some flour is small. When it meets with water, some of the coffee brews more and some less. As a result, you get a bad taste. They went through forums for all the machines I’ve given below and select the ones found in turkey. Frankly, I did not go into those with a price of over

  • delonghi kg79: if you are not going to grind on espresso setting, if you are going around pour over, filter, cold brew, I think it is a nice machine. The price is about . There are also those who grind espresso or even Turkish coffee with a small hack. However, in this case, there is a possibility that it will be out of warranty or there is a burning smell from the engine. but in general terms, it is a very decent machine in this price range. Of course there are much better ones but as I said it is a matter of budget …
  • rancilio rocky: the famous machine that is said to be the best recommended directly when it comes to household grinder. blade size 50 mm flat toothed, 50 steps and ideal machine for grinding espresso etc. The price is a bit sad, the discounted version is now but this price is considered appropriate even abroad. Generally people have used it for many years for user comments. 5-6. There are a lot of people who have changed their knives and continue to use them without any problems. There are those who criticize their thick advice (french press etc.); but it would be a lie if I say I have a general opinion. I did not find any chronic problems on the internet. There is also a DoS on, unfortunately that can not be found in the on-demand version is currently turkey.
  • gaggia mdf 89: 50 mm spur gear and a similar product with rancilio rocky in performance. the only problem is that the file part of the file becomes corrupted over time. The vast majority of complaints stem from this. Disassembling the file is quite difficult in this mill, for example in rocky this part can be easily removed and the original chute can be installed. it is a very high average grinder. It also has a wide range of grinding, from filter to espresso, it can be an ideal grinder if you frequently consume more than one type of coffee. The price is in the range of .
  • lelit pl043: unlike the others, this grinder has bevel gear and teeth 38 mm. the bigger the teeth, the better they are tried; But as we will ultimately use it for the home, it is a bit controversial to what extent this is a factor. The effect of being conical or flat on taste is again a bit doubtful. There are also generally positive comments about this grinder. The good things about the above are – relatively – on demand and look nicer because of the metal outer casing. They say there is some static electricity problem due to the excess of metal parts, but the solution is a simple matter. Another advantage is that it is stepless, that is, stepless and very fine adjustment can be made. It is also quite small in size, it can be called a complete home machine. The price is around . It can go down to the Turkish coffee setting. It was also mentioned in some forums that it works loudly; But among them there is no one working silently anyway.
  • cunill tranquilo 2: this machine is actually more of a cafe type; Because when you put it on a rather large kitchen counter, it fits zero or not under the cupboard. The price is around . has a file; but I did not find many doser complaints on the internet. A machine with 60 mm spur gear and pitch. reviews are generally positive. The biggest problem is the animal coffee chamber. it’s a plastic machine in general and its type is a bit ugly. There are those who have used it for many years. The biggest advantage is that the price is very affordable according to its features. One disadvantage is that there is no step information on it. For example, many of them have signs such as 1-2-3 so you know where you are; but not on this machine. In general, I can say that it is one of the most affordable machines considering the price.

Some coffee remains inside after grinding in automatic mills. You can get that too with a stick. almost all of them have this problem.

When I caught it on sale, I bought cunill tranquilo 2 and although I have used it for a short time until now, I have not had a problem. I don’t think any of the above automatic machines will make you unhappy. Bear in mind machines such as the eureka mignon, I did not go into details because I did not research much.

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