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Brooklyn Nets


Brooklyn Nets is the New York team in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the NBA. It was founded in 1967 as New York Nets. It struggled in ABA for 9 years from its establishment in 1967 to 1976. He then moved on to the NBA. He played his matches at the Prudential Center under the name of New Jersey Nets. On April 30, 2012, the name of the team was changed to Brooklyn Nets since the 2012-13 season. The new hall of the team has become the Barclays Center.

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Boston Celtics


Boston Celtics is the basketball team that represents the city of Boston in the state of Massachusetts. He is in the Atlantic Division in the NBA. With 17 titles in the NBA, it is the team with the most championships along with the Los Angeles Lakers. He plays his matches at TD Garden in Boston city.

First years
The Boston Celtics were founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) league team, one of the two leagues that prioritized the establishment of this league before the NBA was formed. Later, after this league united with the other team of the country, it became one of the first teams of the NBA. He had successful seasons under the leadership of his key player Bob Cousy.

Bill Russell era

Boston Celtics have won 11 titles in 13 seasons played by Bill Russell.
The team that added Bill Russell to its squad in 1956 achieved significant success under the leadership of this player. In the first season with Bill Russell, St. They beat Louis Hawks in 7 matches and won their first championship. The next season, in 1957, they faced the same team again and lost the final after 6 games. However, a period in league history began when no other team failed, and the Celtics won 8 consecutive championships from 1959. These successes began after a 4-0 win streak sweeping the Minneapolis Lakers in 1959. After a one-year hiatus in 1967, two more championships were won, again beating the Lakers in the finals in 1968 and 1969. Meanwhile, Arnold Auerbach, one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, retired after the championship in 1966 and Bill Russell took over the team. After the championship in 1969, Bill Russell retired and the glorious period was over.

Larry Bird era
After two years of new squad building, the Celtics entered the 1980s with a new squad with Larry Bird, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale, and they played 5 finals with this squad and won 3. The first championship in this period came in 1981. He played in the finals four times in a row between 1984 and 1987 and won two more championships in 1984 and 1986. During this period, there was a very ambitious competition with the Lakers for the second time. Another dimension of this rivalry was between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Stagnation period
After this period, especially in the 1990s, the Celtics went to the conference final in the 2000/2001 season, but lost to the Indiana Pacers after 7 games in the final. The team had its worst season in its history in the 2006-2007 season and placed last at the Eastern Conference. However, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were brought to the team to be assertive in the NBA 2007-2008 season. With the contributions of these players, Boston managed to make it to the NBA final in the 2007-2008 season.

Modern times
As a result of his excellent final series, especially; With performances by Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, they became the champions of the NBA 2007-2008 by beating the Los Angeles Lakers in a series like 4-2. Returning from 24 points when the series was 2-1, the Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers 131-92 in the last game, opening the second biggest difference in the finals. The MVP of the finals was Paul Pierce, who won the match by playing injured in the first match and left his mark on each match.

In the 2008-2009 season, the Celtics, which were successful in the regular season, broke the record for the best season start in NBA history by starting a season with 27-2. They drew a 62-20 chart and finished the Eastern Conference 2nd after the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, they lost 2 matches to the Lakers, which they eliminated in the finals last season, and they could not put a resistant stance to the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were tough opponents for him in the play offs.

Although they managed to eliminate the Chicago Bulls in 7 matches, all of which went into overtime, in the play offs, they were eliminated in 7 games in the semifinals.

They spent the 2009-2010 season with a performance far from last season. With a chart of 50-32, the Celtics finished the regular season 4th after Cavaliers, Magic and Hawks. Although it is stated that some unrest within the team caused this, the constellations were really far from what was expected of them; Except for Rajon Rondo. There is no doubt that the Celtics guard was the name to support his team this season. In the playoffs, they reached the semi-finals by beating the Miami Heat 4-1 in the first round, except for Dwyane Wade scoring 46 points. In the semi-finals, they were matched with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team of play-offs favorite super star Lebron James. They passed this series 4-2 and faced Orlando Magic in the conference final. They took the series 4-2 and became the Eastern Conference champions and reached the finals. In the final, they faced the Western Conference champion Los Angeles Lakers. In Series 2-2, they managed to make 3-2, but Kendrick Perkins’ injury took a toll on the team and lost to the Lakers, the series was 3-3. The 7th game in which the winner will be the champion was to be played in Los Angeles. Boston Celtics started the game very well and managed to enter the 3rd period with 13 points. With five minutes to the end of the match, Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant suddenly recovered, the Lakers took the lead and the Los Angeles Lakers won the championship. This was the Lakers’ 16th NBA title.

The Celtics started the 2010-2011 season with the support of Shaquille O’Neal and Turkish basketball player Semih Erden. Shaq and Semih injured most of the season

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Apple Announces First On-Ear Headphone “AirPods Max”: Here is the Price and Features


US technology giant Apple has officially announced the first on-ear headset model, AirPods Max, to which many rumors have been made since last year. Shouting “I am Apple” with both its design language and color options, AirPods Max may disappoint many Apple fans with its price tag.

For the new AirPods Max, Apple “brings together the magic and effortless AirPods experience with high sound quality, creating a perfect harmony.” using expressions. Among the highlights of the AirPods Max are active noise cancellation, adaptive equalizer, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and a switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Mode.

AirPods Max deliver deeper and higher quality bass with Apple-designed audio drivers

As you can imagine, Apple promises a much better sound experience in AirPods Max compared to in-ear AirPods models. “Get ready to hear every note in the most accurate way with unmatched clarity, from deep, rich bass to mid-range tones and the cleanest highs.” using expressions.

According to Apple’s statements, AirPods Max with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial sound enabled provides up to 20 hours of music and voice calls on a single charge. In addition, the head tracking feature on the device allows the media to play automatically when you plug in the headset and pause automatically when you remove it.

caAll features of AirPods Max are only available for Apple devices:
According to the information on Apple’s official site, AirPods Max can only be used in full compatibility with Apple products. Because when we look at the list of system requirements of AirPods Max, it is stated that it can only be used with the latest iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS versions; “AirPods… can also be used as Bluetooth headsets with devices from other brands than Apple, but not all features.” include statements.
Apple AirPods Max features
Sound technologies:
Apple-designed dynamic driver
Active Noise Cancellation
Transparent Mode
Adaptive equalizer
Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking
Optical sensor (on both sides of the headphones)
Position sensor (on both sides of the headset)
Case detection sensor (on both sides of the headset)
Accelerometer (on both sides of the earphone)
Gyroscope (in left earphone)
Eight microphones for Active Noise Cancellation
Three microphones for sound capture
Chips: Apple H1 earphone chip (on both sides of the earphone)
Flip gesture to adjust the volume
Press once to play, pause or answer calls
Press twice to skip to the next track
Pressing three times to return to the previous track
Press and hold for Siri
Noise control button to switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
Size and weight:
168.62 x 187.27 x 83.44 mm
384.8 grams
Up to 20 hours of listening time
Active Noise Cancellation / Transparency Mode and Spatial audio on or voice conversation on a single charge
Up to 1.5 hours of listening time with a 5-minute charge
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
AirPods Pro Max box contents
AirPods Max
Smart Case
Lightning to USB-C Cable

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The Game That Fly With Excitement Level: Interesting Facts About Cyberpunk 2077


how was the soundtrack?
it was pretty good. synth predominantly; but there are also various music played on radio stations. There was also heavy metal, punk and foreign traditional music. There are also advertisements and presenters on the radios.

Can we see the character’s body as first person? (legs etc.)
yes we can see.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the demo?
V’s hands are seen as restless, then blades pop out, just like in the original teaser trailer. She then sees the two guards and runs a little across the wall before snapping one of the blades into the wall. now it is right above them. He then hacks one of the bodyguards’ gun and gets it jammed. Then he jumps on the first bodyguard and stabs the other bodyguard in the neck before he can blindfold it. the other bodyguard’s weapon makes the prisoner and then the v takes care of it too. “We try to encourage different play styles. “You can be a pacifist if you want, or you can be a siberninja.” A little mention of siberninja made my whole day beautiful.

Did they confirm that samurai swords and blades protruding from arms would be the only melee weapons available?
they didn’t mention it, but they said there would be “a wide variety of melee weapons”. so I don’t think only those two will happen. It also makes sense to play as melee. The welcome / parry mechanics are available and you can use the katana.

Did they show off their melee skills and technology? throwing knives from the arm at the enemy, etc. Were there different elements like?
They had saved the blade for the last, but I’m sure there will be skills that can be developed by some doctors willing to make “illegal improvements”. game improvements via doctors etc. can be done.

Can you tell us what the inventory system looks like? Is there an inventory system similar to the witcher 3? Can you see and / or rotate your character?
yes, you can see your character in the inventory. It’s pretty similar to the one found in the witcher 3, but more transparent and tech-y.

Would we want a lot if we wanted a roughly ms paint version of the inventory system? just the general structure and appearance etc.
frankly i can’t remember all the details. the entire character of the character is located on the far right of the inventory and fills 1/3 of the total screen. The part related to the inventory is on the left, just like the witcher 3.

Does the game stop when you return to the inventory or menu?
I think.

Has it been given the impression that we could expect a melee system with less an element of stealth?
If we can improve things like tank abilities, close combat is also seen as playable. You can move incredibly fast in the game. So I can already see that the characters can move quickly and kill people with their melee skills.

how is game technology? hair simulations (hairworks) etc. is it better than the witcher 3? clothes and similar types of materials? Was there deformation, destruction or any other technology you could speak of?
There are too many destruction elements in the game. walls are eroding, your hiding places are falling apart. pillars are destroyed when subjected to intense fighting. Actually, there was no point to mention about the clothes, but the world and detail of the game was very good. the population density in the game was too high (almost hitman level). on hair etc. I haven’t seen any technology, but I have doubts that it hasn’t been put in because it hasn’t been optimized yet. Frankly, I was very surprised that there are almost no loading screens in the game and the view range issues. something amazing. That is why I am not surprised that they want to show the game in the daytime.

What do you think about the quality of the script and dialogues?
I think it’s nice. The jokes and jokes interspersed between the war scenes are pretty good. Like in the Witcher 3, but taken to the next level. The actual cutscene dialogues where you have to talk to people is pretty fun, but also in a way that fits nicely into the cyberpunk style.

Are the scenes we refer to as “main cutscene dialogues” from the perspective of tp (third person)?
yes they are. some scenes use the fp viewpoint but this gets you more into the game. for example, in a scene you are talking to a man sitting in the back of the car. He gives you information about the mission and while you smoke, the driver takes you around the city. Although I wasn’t playing, it was pretty good and I felt more focused on the game.

Can you compare the conflict system in the game with different games? If you compare, which game do you think the hit share in the game is closer to?
The combat system in the game feels like a dishonored, something little coupled with the titanfall mechanics. he was constantly sliding or running on the wall for protection while the developer was promoting the game. gunfight as a combination of many games

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San Francisco 49ers


The team was formed in 1946 as a member of the All-America Football Conference (AAFC), then joined the NFL when the leagues merged. The name “49ers” on the team comes from the 1849 Gold rush in Northern California.

San Francisco 49ers is an American football team in the US state of San Francisco. The team is in the National Footbal League (NFL) NFC Conference West group.

Some of the athletes who have retired from the event jerseys for their outstanding contributions to the team are as follows:

Steve Young, quarterback, 1987-1999 (retired from number 8 shirt in 2008)
John Brodie, quarterback, 1957-1973 (retired from number 12 shirt in 1973)
Joe Montana, quarterback, 1979-1992 (retired from number 16 shirt in 1997)

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Arizona Cardinals


They were founded in 1898 under the name of morgan athletic club in chicago and changed as chicago cardinals in 1920. moved to Louis to become st louis cardinals, then moved to phoenix in 1988 to continue the league under the name of phoenix cardinals.

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Seattle Seahawks


Seattle Seahawks is an American football team based in Seattle, Washington, USA. The team is in the Western group at the National Football Conference of the National Football League (NFL).

Its abbreviation is Hawks. They play their matches at CenturyLink Field. The Seattle Seahawks has hosted many important names in NFL history since 1976, including Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, Warren Moon, Walter Jones, Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasselbeck, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner example can be given. Three of these names; Steve Largent [1], Cortez Kennedy [2] and Walter Jones [3] have been admitted to the Professional American Football Hall of Fame. Seahawks, which has switched conferences twice since 1976, entered the league from NFC in 1976, but moved to AFC, where it remained until 2002 a year later. When Houston Texans entered the league in 2002, several teams changed conferences, one of which, Seahawks, returned to the NFC it started. Since the conference exchange, it has been in significant competition, albeit new, with the San Francisco 49ers, with the main competitors in the AFC times being the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders.

The Seattle Seahawks first appeared in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XL in 2006) since their league debut, losing this match 21-10 to Pittsburgh Steelers. Most recently, he defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the Super Bowl XLVIII (2013 season) and became the champion. [4] At the end of the match, behind the line player Malcolm Smith from Seahawks was chosen as the most valuable player with 9 tackle, 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery performance.

The 12th Man is the name officially given to the Seattle Seahawks fan group. The name became widespread in 1984 when Seahawks retired the number 12 jersey for fans. Since the 12th Adam moved to their new stadium, CenturyLink Field, they have caused 143 false start penalties, and broke Beşiktaş’s sound record with 137.6 dB.

Since 2003, a flagpole placed at one end of the stadium is often associated with the team, hoisting the 12th Man flag before each match.

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Minnesota Vikings


Minnesota Vikings is a professional American football team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The team joined the National Football League (NFL) in 1960 as an “expansion team”. He is in the NFC Group North at the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL), and was previously in the Western Conference Central Group and the NFC Central Group.

After the team opened the 1961 NFL season until 1982, they were playing their home games at the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. Since 1982, he has been playing his home games at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. Between 1961-65, he held his summer training camp at Bemidji State University. The team has been holding summer camps at Minnesota State University in Mankato since 1966.

The team with an NFL title won their only title in 1969, before the merger of the American Football League (AFL) and the NFL leagues. He took part in the playoffs 24 times after the leagues merged. The team is the third team in the league that most participated in the playoffs.

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Green Bay Packers


One of the most difficult teams to find tickets for their games … tickets are generally sold in combination and there is a system like this. You apply to buy a combined season ticket and you start to wait as you are in the queue. It is between 25-30 years, which can be considered short in this period. If you say no, I cannot wait that long, you have two options. The first one is a little salty, you go a little early on the day of the match and you both enjoy the tail gate and you find someone who says “I need a ticket” and you continue on your happy path by buying a $ 80 ticket pasha pasha for a price of 300 to 400 dollars. Is it worth it? value for packers. do i do we have to think, so let’s move on to the second way. the other way is to find a ticket for the miller lite fan zone, the shortest way you need to do this is to get a friend of the miller distributor, get a friend, your ticket is ready, but there is a problem. You have to be over 21 years old. If you say I’m lucky, tell everyone around you that it is what you want to do the most when you are here. One of your friends has a grandfather or uncle’s ticket to the packers and they do not intend to go in the winter, but of course, take the cold while doing this (the winds drop down to -30 in the matches at the end of the season together. carry the heater small packages). and remember it is called “the temple” by lambeau field fans be respectful enjoy the great chance you get when you enter

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Detroit Lions


The Detroit Lions is a professional American football team based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The team is in the North group at the NFC Conference of the National Football League (NFL).

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