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How would the world be without the Moon?

What would happen if the Earth’s moon Moon did not exist?

The seasons would be messy

Since the gravitational effect the moon exerts on the Earth will disappear, our planet’s 23 degree axis inclination would increase more. As a result, the seasons would be more effective. in summer it would be warmer and in winter it would be cooler. the poles would be exposed to the sun, melting ice floes and triggering extreme climatic changes. Just a one degree change in the slope of our planet’s axis is enough to cause glacial ages.

Change in the oceans

The moon with the sun is responsible for increasing and decreasing the level of our seas several times a day. As the moon revolves around the earth, gravity pulls the oceans toward it, thereby forming high tides. Without the moon, the tides will drop to a third of its current level and the oceans will be out of balance. sea ‚Äč‚Äčlevel will also be affected. so the sea level at the poles will increase significantly.

Shorter days

When the earth and the moon formed 4.5 billion years ago, the planet was spinning so fast that the days lasted only four hours. The days are completed in a much shorter period, if not months.

We would lose our natural shield against unwanted celestial bodies

The moon protects our earth against celestial bodies thanks to its gravity. in a situation without him, we would be vulnerable to possible asteroid bumps.

Precious elements

Elements such as gold, platinum, palladium, iridium have proven to be extremely valuable for our civilization. If the moon had never been, these precious elements would have been almost nonexistent in our world.


Because of strong winds, people would not have the ability to hear. so they would try to deal with signs instead of talking. this would greatly affect the development of concepts such as talent and intelligence.


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