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How to Train a Cat?

How is the cat trained? How should cat training be? Can cats be trained? Yes, cats can be trained with a few tricks, though not as much as dogs.
first: a cat is not a human. does not know right and wrong, you have to teach.

second: yes; a cat is not a dog either, but it can still be trained. Just like people, some learn quickly, some learn late, some do not apply, even if they learn, they are stubborn.

only with classic conditioning, reward and punishment you can train the cat. What I call punishment is not physical punishment, we will come to this.

reward him for doing what you want him to do
It can be prize food, it can be wet food, it can be giving the toy you love, it can be caressing the area that you like to be caressed, it can be a sincere well-being. If you don’t know why you like it, you have a problem, first educate yourself on how to care for a cat responsibly. flower in pots with cat look different things.

example: he’s raking the seats: get rewarded each time he uses his own scratching bit. He urinates on the carpet: get rewarded every time he uses his toilet.

The critical point in rewarding is to be rewarded by everyone in the household for every time he does the right behavior until he is fully trained. patience and consistency. Also, the reward should be given immediately or it will not be able to establish the link between behavior and reward.

To say shhhhh and to call “no” (or any other standard word you will specify) in a firm voice without shouting too much. patience and consistency are also important in punishment.

The rule in punishment is that there is never physical punishment or contact, even if it is light enough not to hurt. No water spraying either. yes, it doesn’t hurt; yes, it works, but there is a danger of damaging your relationship and causing more severe behavioral disorders. Shhhh, and “no” is enough for him to realize that what he did was wrong. The aim here is to communicate, not to calm our nerves by punishing.

Another tip in punishment: you came from the kitchen to the living room and there is pee on the carpet. If you punish him for not catching on the job, he will understand that he was punished, but he cannot understand why. Remember, they’re not human, so they’re not that smart. Do not punish anything you cannot do in the red.

Also, cat owners have a behavior that I can never understand
You don’t want him to come to the dining table. You got angry that he came and bothered you, and you bought and gave some food from the table so that it was gone as soon as possible. Put yourself in the cat’s shoes, will you come to the table for the next meal? Remember: classical conditioning. never do anything that could mean a reward after negative behavior.

Example from the topic of the title: He came in front of the bedroom door and shouts. first you were patient and then you let it in so that you could not stand it. Meanwhile the cat: hmm, if I come to the door and shout enough, the door opens!

Common mistakes in cat training: acting inconsistently, inability to be patient for a long time in training, different attitudes of family members, physical or excessive punishment, not using the reward method, throwing their own lack of business on the cat (our cat is not the cat you know). How does the trainer train? (sorry, their cat is so good so clever)

two educational additions

  • you can have a cat do almost anything dogs do. but you have to go very slowly. for example nail cutting training. First let the nail clippers get used to the living space and get used to it visually and tactually, then let him get used to letting you touch his paws, then let him pull his nails off, then let you cut one nail at a time, and finally cut all his nails at once. If it reacts negatively when you do something new, don’t force it and try again in a few hours or the next day. Do not move on to the next without successfully achieving one stage.
  • ignore it as an alternative to the method of punishment. in some cases even more effective than punishment. the cat is an interesting creature, unlike other pets. He can exhibit the negative behavior you try to discourage just to get your attention from boredom and to make you punish him. The philosophy is “punishment is better than nothing”. You know, looking in your eyes, he’s knocking over the table, that’s it. In this method, the cat that does the negative behavior is treated as if it disappeared suddenly. they are not shouted, touched, not made eye contact and they are avoided. until he loses his immediate interest in you. for example, he scratched your hand while loving his belly. Immediately turn off your attention and walk away without saying anything. This method works very well if you can be patient with waking up at night. I be warned, first there is an increase in negative behavior, but then it decreases and disappears. Warning: this method should not be used in cases of serious attack or aggression towards children.
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