If you find it difficult to remove eyelashes and you are not careful, you can easily damage your natural eyelashes. The process of removing the eyelash is a very delicate process. Read on if you want to learn more about getting rid of the eyelashes easily.

How to remove the lashes without damaging your natural eyelashes?

Steam And Oil

1) Use a soft eye makeup cleanser that you use to wipe mascara or eyeliner. This way, you can gently wipe the eyelash and get rid of the lashes.

2) Hot vapor insertion will help loosening the eyelashes. Follow these steps;

• First, place the hot water in a container

• Close your rough face with a towel around

• Leave for 10 minutes.


3) You can get rid of false eyelashes when you gently apply the olive oil you put on cotton. Then rinse the lashes with lukewarm water.

Eyelash Glue Remover

1) Try removing eyelashes with lash glue remover. In most pharmacies you can find eyelash glue remover. Glue remover is light solvent with a smell similar to acetone.

2) You should do this because the application is a sensitive process.

Prepare to remove extensions by doing the following:

• Stand in front of the mirror in a well-lit bathroom. If necessary, use extra lighting to see your eyelashes.

• After gently wiping your eye makeup, you will get rid of your false eyelashes and you will get your real eyelashes


3) To apply glue remover and loosen the extensions, follow these steps:

• Gently wet the cotton. Make sure it is thoroughly moist.

• Slowly move down the outer corner of the upper eyelids.

• Apply over the lash line to the inner corner and outer corner with gentle movements of cotton. You can clearly see that your lashes are coming out.


4) Rinse your lashes with warm water. This will help to remove glue more easily.

Professional Cleaning

1) You can also get rid of the help of a salon technician applying your false eyelashes. The attachment is affixed with the cyanoacrylate-containing adhesive in the eyelash. It is extremely difficult to remove such adhesives without chemical solution.

2) If you are concerned about the application, go to a different salon. Eyelash extensions are sometimes made without training or a mistake has been made. If you are having the following problems you should go to a different salon to remove the false eyelashes

• If your lashes do not look professional, warped, patched, or fixed, go to another place you can trust. Do not accidentally damage your natural lashes.

• If you feel pain around the eyelashes. If the glue used to apply the false eyelashes is improperly applied, it can cause severe pain in the eye area.

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