How to Care for Cows?

Cow care is slightly different from feeding cats and dogs. Because cats and dogs are domestic, cows are farm animals.

However, the cow also needs special attention and love. First of all, if you are using another creature, you must respect it. you must offer him a happy life.

The environment in which it lives must be kept clean. The floor on which it sleeps should be covered with a soft and cold layer, such as straw or gazelle. Since this floor is contaminated with manure, it should be changed almost every day.

The udders of the cow are sensitive and can get infected. For this, it should be checked frequently and cleaned with water before milking.

It is necessary to take it to the bull when heifer anvil (heat). In many places this work is done with the help of a veterinarian. In the absence of complications, the cow can give birth on its own, but it will still be useful to keep it under veterinary supervision during pregnancy.

On this occasion, let’s repeat that the environment in which the cow was born should be clean.

The first milk of the cow is a popular beverage. but let it drink the puppy. Thus, it will grow healthier and more resistant.

The cow likes to move freely, to spread. It should be taken to the grasslands every day to provide fresh grass. the milk and fat of the cow fed in this way will be more delicious. cows also like to eat fresh corn and acacia. It is necessary to feed the corn that is produced while the field is diluted and to prune acacia from time to time. When you go to the tree, he understands your intention and rejoices. looking up waits for the leaves to fall.

Cows, like humans, need to drink plenty of water. After grazing, it should be provided to drink plenty in the fountain trough. You can whistle to relax the cow while drinking water.

In the evenings, you can usually give a yal with bran and vegetable peels. However, it is necessary to pay attention to vegetables such as potatoes and beans, which can be poisonous in raw form. Cows also love fruit, but sugary foods can become fermented during digestion and turn into alcohol, making your cow drunk. Also fruits such as apples, pears and quince can be caught in the throat of the cow, this is very dangerous. so if you want to feed fruit in between, don’t give it whole, divide it into four.

Pests and parasites disturb the cow. especially the horse fly bites without hurting. if it clings to the sensitive butt compartment, it can turn the animal mad. tick is also a serious source of distress. it is necessary to remove them carefully, without tearing off the hose. otherwise it may lead to infection. If the barn is not kept clean, germ-bearing flies may also come. so cleaning is important!

Do you like cows? in spades! they love to be caressed, they know their owner. they answer when they speak. They love the itchiness of their inaccessible places: they are enchanted, especially when you scratch the pit area between your horns.

Let her spend time with her baby, for God’s sake. let him see his baby grow up. When his calf is taken away, he looks at it so that you are shattered. he is the main! do not forget.

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