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How to Brew Coffee with Chemex Invented by a Chemist in 1941?

Everything you need to know about Chemex, one of the world’s most popular pour over coffee brewing methods.

Primarily what is chemex?

Chemex; It is one of the manual coffee brewing methods that fall into the pour over or drip category. I will also try to explain this brewing method, which is my favorite, in detail within my knowledge.

While the pour-over category is quite wide, there is a wide variety of brewing tools in it. Examples such as hario v60, kalita wave, kone can be given. the most famous in this category are hario v60 and chemex.

In 1941, the German scientist peter j. I end the history by saying that it was invented by Schlumbohm. even this much.

Even standing on the counter gives peace. because it is an incredibly elegant method of brewing! There are two types with wooden handles and glass handles. There is no difference other than the image. At the same time, different sizes of chemexes are sold as 3, 6, 8, 10 cups. There is a glass bulge on the side. this camber indicates the 600 ml water level. (Valid for 6-8 cups. I’m not sure if the protrusion found in 3 cups is at the 600 ml level.) This protrusion is quite a life-saving thing for those who do not weigh.

Uses paper filters (actually they also produced metal filters, but I don’t think it is highly preferred). There are two types of paper filters in color and shape. It has a yellow and white filter in color. The white one is bleached, that is, white color has been gained by passing through certain processes. the yellow one is called natural. Some people argue that the white filter is not healthy because it is chemically treated, so the natural yellow one should be used, but chemex says that this bleaching process is done without using any harmful substances. I always used white, I am very happy. It has circular and square pre-folded filters in terms of shape. The way of use is the same, there is no difference other than the appearance.

Thinking that general information is over, I now move on to the brewing part.
The next information is the brewing guide valid for all, regardless of parameters such as filter shape, color or chemex size and shape.

Preliminary note: the use of a gooseneck kettle is highly recommended.

First of all, I must say that in this brewing method we are not free in the grinding thickness. While medium or medium-fine is generally used in pour-overs, our grinding thickness for chemex is medium-corase. I can explain this by saying coarse sand. You should read the rest of the article to understand whether your grinding thickness is correct.

When you look at the filter paper, you will see 4 layers. Open it with 3 layers on one side and 1 layer on the other and place it in your chemex. It is suggested that the 3-layer part be placed in the part where the coffee will flow.

We wet our filter with ready hot water. This ensures that our filter adheres to the chemex, warms up our chemex and eliminates the bad taste that may come from the paper.

We pour the coffee that we grind in medium-coarse size into our filter and smooth it by shaking the chemex. I prefer to use 17-18 grams of coffee for 300 ml of water.

We can start brewing now. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to do pre-infusion. For this, we pour 75 ml of water lightly enough to wet the coffee beans and wait for 35-45 seconds.

We can now pour our hot water in a circular and slow flow. If you want, you can follow 50 ml of water, 10 seconds of waiting, or 150 ml of water for 10 seconds. This is up to your taste and taste.

I talked about the grinding size accuracy at the beginning. You can understand this with your brewing time. When you use 36 grams of coffee and 600 ml of water, the flow should last between 4-5 minutes. If less than 4 minutes your grinding size is too thick, if more than 5 minutes your grinding size is too fine.

After the flow is over, we shake it slightly so that all the coffee mixes well. Our coffee is ready to be served! enjoy your meal.

Note: I said the manual brewing method, but they also took out an automatic machine. It sprays hot water periodically for you. its name is ottomatic chemex.


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