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How Does the Content of Water Used in Making Coffee Affect Its Taste?

To what extent and how does the water used affect the taste of the coffee? Here you are.

The relationship between coffee and water is a relationship that people who want to drink good coffee care about.

You can make your water quality coffee a vizier or a disgrace. because 98% of the coffee we drink consists of water. namely, poor water use in coffee; may result in a flat, bitter or vinegarish final cup.

Firstly; Brewing coffee is all about extraction: that is, transferring the flavor and aroma components in the ground coffee to the cup. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water can help to dissolve better. such as magnesium; fruity and sharp flavors, calcium helps to dissolve creamy notes. this is actually due to the positively charged solvent ions. In general, flavor components in coffee are negatively charged. therefore these components naturally bind to the positive charge of the minerals. However, having more minerals in water is not a desired condition for dissolution. The crowding of these minerals in the water means less room for flavor components. therefore what we need is the balance: neither too hard water nor too soft.

So how do we measure this?

Tds (total dissolved solids) comes to my rescue here. tds is the measurement of mineral, salt, metal and other solids dissolved in water. sca (qualified coffee company) recommends a range of 75-250 mg / l tds. 150 was specified as the target.

Water hardness is related to the density of some specific minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. The more these minerals, the harder the water. The hardness recommendation of sca is 17-85 mg / l. the target is between 51-68 mg / l.

The ph value of water also plays an important role. If the water is neutral, the pH is 7.0. This value increases if the water is alkaline and decreases if it is acidic. the more neutral the water, the better. sca recommends the use of water between 6.5 – 7.5. highly alkaline causes a flat cup.

in summary; Don’t let bad water get in the way of your good coffee. Every detail is very important when it comes to quality coffee. Good quality water protects both your coffee quality and your equipment.


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