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History of the New York Knicks, One of the NBA’s Most Established Teams

What has the Knicks legend experienced during the period from its foundation to the present? Let’s learn well.
New York Knicks is a basketball club that was founded in 1946, always under the spotlight due to being a team of New York City, and has been in NBA since its foundation. They play their matches in Madison Square Garden. new york knickerbockers by its long name, knicks by its short name. It is a high-income brand, despite the fact that barter and drafting failures, bad management and not being staffed for many years.

While they were a regular finals team in the first years of nba, they went off 56-66, then came back to the stage and won two NBA championships in 70 and 73 under red holzman coaching and management (phil jackson, as you know from his coaching, is also part of the substitutes of 73 championship squad). In these years, they hired such important stars as earl monroe, bob mcadoo, willis reed, walt bellamy, dave debusschere, bill bradley, walt frazier, each one of them, without exception, got their name written on the hall of fame (there is also dick barnett, oddly they did not write it to the list).

After 75, they had a certain interregnum period, until the second half of the 80s, except for two or three exceptional seasons. Bill cartwright, the great scorer bernard king, which you know from bulls in the 80s, was among the carrier columns of the team (he had an insane performance during the king nyk period, reaching around 33 points per game before a knee injury that would cause him not to play in 85 for a year and naturally. He played a season when he was the number one). Role actors such as trent tucker, pat cummings, andinique wilkins’ siblings from new york’s 80s are also remembered.

One of the team’s most important draft selections came in 1985 with the jamaican patrick ewing, who was also the rookie of the year that year. The ewing has no side to tell, who dominated the pot gold both offensively and defensively, fought elbow to elbow with the father pivots of the period, although he suffered from injuries throughout his career, he was an extraordinary superstar during his knicks years, he was loyal, long-lasting, hall of A member of fame. He was all-star 11 times, entered the best NBA team 7 times, entered the best defensive team 3 times, kept the statistics of 23-29 points, 10-12 rebounds, 2-4 blocks per game for many years. Another important draft selection made at that time was in 87 with Mark Jackson. Immediately after being selected, the ewing will become the undisputed leader of the team, the years with hubie brown will be closed and the transition will be made to the years with the rick pitino. In the 87-88 season, Jackson’s performance of over 10 assists per game as soon as he entered NBA, ewing’s performance that has already risen to the level of all-star, the essential contribution of Wilkins, cartwright and the spare contributions of Johnny Newman, one of the sixth man figures of the period With their share of pitino, the knicks will return to the playoffs, even though they are still a mediocre team. The staff of the 87-88 knicks is almost like a future coach academy; billy donovan, rick carlisle are members of this squad.

In short, this promising staff will improve their performance significantly with 52-30 in 88-89 and become the leader of the atlantic division. An important exchange with Chicago of the period, the rock-hard child of the age-old cartwright of those years, later the grandfather It will be called with nicknames such as, nba will be exchanged with charles oakley, who will enter the list from the top 3 when such a “tough” man says. The ewing-oakley duo, which will create power at the hegemony level under the two crucibles, will swindle the nyk at the summits for years in terms of both offensive, defensive and rebound performance.

Another name chosen from the draft in those years is rod strickland, I love this guy, my friend. He played for years as an underrated point guard but he didn’t play very much in knicks, I won’t go into detail here.

The knicks’ trouble in those years will be their elimination of pistons and bulls, fathers of the east, either in the first round or semi-finals of the east. The fact that this vicious circle seems to be broken (but not completely broken) will be when pat riley, who we can easily call grandmaster-style nicknames, comes to coaching and changes the face of the team in the 1991-92 season. Other names you know from 90’s knicks will come to knicks very accidentally and find themselves. The golden state’t CBA fired and john goes starks 90, a period of time so that “basketball country,” he will not join the team even in play have no anthony mason 91 in Turkey. In those years, knicks did not catch a proper top rank draft, but the names that gave their best on the field such as the determined gard at 91, the visible name of the bench contribution, greg anthony, one of the best three-pointers of the period in 92, and the playmaker charlie ward in 94. will be drafted.

Anyway what we were saying, riley hah. The knicks will push the bulls to 4-3 for the first time in 91-92, when Xavier Mcdaniel also appeared on the team for a season. two good squad, top five, jackson – wilkins-mcdaniel – oakley-ewing. ewing has already reached the caliber of a superstar. A squad that could be a champion if not stuck with the bulls. They will perform even better with 60-22 in 92-93. again the eastern conference finals and again a 4-2 knockout to the bulls. They have a bad trade in the meantime in ’92, which won’t do the knicks much in the long run. After Mcdaniel’s contract ends and he needs a short striker, the assist expert point guard will send Jackson to the clippers and get Charles Smith and Doc Rivers. rivers is well aged at that time, the accessory of the barter (though he will play in pg position that year though), the main target in the exchange is charles smith, who gave a scorer image in those years. Smith, who you remember with his clumsiness, badness, fragile injuries and handcuffs in new york years, scores 20 points per game on clippers because he uses a lot of balls. but he’s not actually a man of caliber. Jackson, on the other hand, is a nba’s favorite point guard. He has nearly 10 assists every year, contributes to the score, he has a defensive presence. Besides, after Jackson, the new york sittin year will not be able to fully recover that point guard position again. Some other names added to contribute to those seasons are heavy veterans such as rolando blackman and herb williams. In those years, names such as john starks and anthony mason will find themselves more and more and will start to contribute to the team abnormally. wilkins will go to cavs this term.

In short, in 93-94, to fill the point guard gap, Derek Harper, who is a slow-paced but defensive as well as playmaker from Dallas, would join the team, and in the season when michael jordan went to baseball, knicks would reach the finals without troubled bulls. The team was undoubtedly the best defender in NBA. It would not be wrong to say that each of the names ewing, oakley, mason, harper is a defense expert. In offense, he had problems especially in terms of shooting; Two charles smith was shaggy in the first season and would fall back in the second season and the stats would be bottom – the main shot load of the team would remain on Starks; John Starks would also be crushed under this burden with his dramatic and infamous performance in the last two games of the houston final. In this context, they had a very challenging 4-3 series with indiana and chicago. In the final, there would be Houston Rockets, who lived their golden years against them. In the series where they can’t stop the top hakeem olajuwon, they will manage to bring the series to 3-2, but the last shot that Starks missed and blocked by olajuwon in Game 6, and the lousy performance of 0 three pointers at 11, 11% shooting at 42 minutes in Game 7 was also great with their share, they would lose the series. It would be a pity for the knicks and long-suffering / veteran staff of this period, when ewing was also at the peak of his career.

Rookies at the knicks, who largely preserved their squad in 94-95, where ewing and oakley maintained their stability, mason was the sixth best man, starks lost altitude after his rise in the previous season, and was slightly sweetened by the harper’s advanced age. Ward and Monty Williams were among the arrivals doug Christie, who started her nba career but never got any time at the Knicks. This year, when the team continued its slow-paced game and enormous defensive performance, they would again finish the season 55-27 with Riley and their fixed staff, but this time they were going to hit indiana in the 7th game in the eastern semi-finals.

The number one flagman in knicks’ history would be Big Pat’s last year with the team. While Houston and Sprewell took on the main offensive roles, Johnson’s performance would decline from good to good. The ward-childs duo were the guards of the team as usual. These two were not such highly skilled men, but their caliber was obvious; They can be remembered as guys who work well for their caliber, so I want them to be remembered that way. the same is true for wolf thomas. Bench contributions were not bad in these years as knicks tried and failed to create this “parade of stars.” The main reasons for going off as a championship and failing are the team’s inability to provide a well-tuned and at least close to the star caliber point guard, the father coaches sent Riley and continued with van gundy instead, despite houston and johnson’s all-bubble multicomele contracts, especially offensive. they did not reach the expected yield at all (allan houston did not even go above 20 points for years, johnson fell to 10 points average), various injury crises and a ewing’s aging. In short, after finishing with 50-32, they eliminated toronto and miami with carter and were eliminated from chicago and indiana, who had been their usual troublemakers during the 90s, in the eastern finals. And I can’t pass without stating that; Those who followed nba in the 90s remember the anomalous competition and struggle in these tight matches of the east … especially the struggles between teams such as cavs-pacers-bulls-knicks-heat should always stay in the last match, fall to the last second, They were hard struggles with bloody blades, bone sounds …

Entering the 2000s with van gundy again, the team and the stars were to reach their deserved end with the 2000-2001 season.

First, on September 20, 2000, the flagman of the team was traded to sonics in exchange for ewing, glen rice, travis knight and 1 1st round draft right, who should have been leaving basketball at the knicks anyway. aging glen rice could not meet any expectations. Mark Jackson, who should have never sent the playmaker years ago, was brought back on the 35th for childs and a 1st round right. The curse of the ewing collapsed on the team in the season when Houston and Sprewell performed normally, Camby played the top five, and johnson, who has lost his athletic abilities, which is his trademark with injuries, continues to collapse. 48-34 and Carter ‘ Eliminated from the first round to the raptors …

Then the festive years would begin with layden. first glen rice and muggsy bogues, who came and went shortly, were traded in exchange for shandon anderson and howard eisley, who had plenty of contracts of their own, did some work in utah but spent the rest of their careers unskilled. Larry Johnson’s basketball life as a whole ended early as a result of injury. camby’s injury adventures began. clarence weatherspoon was replaced by the free market. Othella Harrington was brought from Pacers as if it was a very talented thing with a few draft picki. Even though the sprewell, who buried his best years with the knicks, performed properly and the houston, who did not allow the team to make any moves with his huge contract (which was the legendary that season, the knicks budget was to be held for years), the houston went above 20 points for the first time. He made 30-52 and didn’t make it into the playoffs for the first time in years. The bench of the team had really turned into a mess during this time. Most likely the best price performance ratio was Kurt Thomas during that period .. Van Gundy was fired, but his firing would not change the situation .. Nene Hilario was drafted with the right to draft 7th in the following season (2002-03), with camby as it was together they were traded to Denver for Antonio Mcdyess with a big dick. now this mcdyess was nice guy. but look, I’m using the past tense. Why do you give your pivot, which is already similar to your top draft pick, for the guy who played a total of 10 games in 2001-2002 and whose injury you know? mcdyess would never play in 2002-2003 and play 18 games with knicks on 03-04 before being re-posted about 1.5 years later … well, scott layden. The interior of the team was turned into a cifit bazaar with a lot of crazy names collected from the free market. Still unable to qualify for the playoffs, at the end of 02-03, the team’s only star, sprewell, was traded to minnesota for keith van horn, which was an inadequate response for a player of his caliber.

On 03-04, Layden, who finally hit the team bottom, was shot and was made an equally bad name, Isiah Thomas GM. eisley, mcdyess, ward and two 1st round draft rights (with one of which will be chosen later by gordon hayward) problem boy stephon marbury ((see minnesota timberwolves / @ turcopolis)) and that his career is now over as a result of injuries brought from the penny hardaway suns. A lousy mike sweetney pick was made from 9th row from the draft. At least with Marbury, the team finally got a point guard, albeit problematic. weatherspoon sent with ridiculous responses. Vin Baker, a final mutombo and a finished former star, joined the cast for a year. Actually, van horn, who started to perform well in NYK, was exchanged for another contract bubble with Tim Thomas. Believe me, shandon anderson’s, nazr mohameds, eisleys played the top five on this 03-04, when houston was also going extinct due to injuries and the knicks were looking to get out of the vortex. With Lenny Wilkens coming to the team and Marbury’s boost, he went into the playoff despite 39-43 and was swept into the nets in the first round.

04-05 was the year Allan Houston was exhausted with a knee injury. He was not going to play properly that year and his contract was still ongoing (it was a very heavy contract until 2007, eventually paying Houston more than $ 20 million annually, which was absurd for 2007) .. it was such a contract that man’s, nba later referred to as the “allan houston rule”, which allows teams to create an exemption / amnesty from the luxury tax in cases of severe injury (i.e., even if the team pays the money in cases of chronic disability in such heavy contracts, this contract and the money paid are the luxury tax for the team paid as the injury continues. so that the injury and the injured player could compensate to some extent) .. although the knicks allegedly did not take advantage of the rule when houston pledged to retire the following season and therefore terminate his contract, the rule was due to houston’s contract. it was out .. houston would retire after 04-05. No doubt he’s an interesting figure for nba. Houston was one of the leading shooters of the period. He was a good mid-range and three-pointer scorer. He was not very good in terms of defense, but he was not a bad player either, he was a middling level … but there were some obstacles that would make him suspicious of even being called a “star” (which he was an all-star twice in total). The man never turned into a stable scorer for all his shooting skills … and he never had any qualifications other than shooting … I don’t know, he never properly revealed that Houston penetrated and scored, contributed to the passing traffic, stealing the ball at critical moments. you haven’t heard of it coming out. give the ball in the right position in his hand, he can roll the shot, it was such a figure houston …


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