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History of Philadelphia 76ers since its Establishment

It is time to write a nice entry for 76ers, which made me love basketball and I have been a fan for 17-18 years, when the nba season has just begun. The pride of the poor afro americans and Benjamin Franklin’s hometown of Philadelphia, billy cunningham, hal greer, dolph schayes, wilt chamberlain, julius erving, moses malone, charles barkley and allen iverson. , the glorious philadelphia 76ers, one of America’s oldest basketball teams.

Let’s start with the history of philadelphia
The city that was founded in 1682 by William Penn. penn is the British colonist who named the state of pennsylvania, which is also home to the fetö congregation who deceived our beloved president. The meaning of pennsylvania is penn’s woods, that is, penn’s forest.

william penn welcomes everyone, respects all beliefs, believes in the equality of men and women, and is an interesting man for his time. I recommend you to do research about him.

Anyway, let’s get back to our topic. The philadelphia of penn became the freedom city of the period, and at the same time showed improvements in terms of trade. It has become one of the largest cities in America with its increasing population. In the American War of Independence of 1775-1783, it was also the meeting point of the founding fathers of America. In 1776, the decleration of independence, which we know from indiana jones, was signed in Philadelphia. The name 76ers also refers to this date.
76ers was founded in 1939 in syracuse, new york
The first name of the team is syracuse nationals. known as the nats for short. the nats joined the national basketball league in 1946, and with the establishment of nba in 1949, it moved to nba. The nats, who made it to the finals in the first year, lost to minneapolis lakers in the finals.

In 1928 a man is born in New York. This man was 16 years old, who played against Notre Dame in madison square garden with his new york university jersey, was chosen by the tri-cities blackhawks in the 1948 nbl draft, but was bought by the nats, the first player in the history of nba to pass the 15000 points threshold, for 16 years Dolph Schayes are one of the greatest basketball players of the 1950s who played in one team.
Founded by the merger of nbl and naa, the nats fell into the same group with celtics and knicks in nba.
Three groups were established at that time in nba. The competition for 76ers, celtics, and knicks is also based on this date. schayes leads the team from the first year to the finals but loses to minneapolis lakers in the final. in the second year they lose to new york in the eastern finals. schayes improves itself every year, the average number is increasing. Schayes, who also played in nba’s first all-star match, scored a double-double with 15 points and 14 rebounds. In his 16-year career, he has been an all-star 12 times in total.
The nats, who rose to the nba finals in the 53-54 season, again lost to minneapolis lakers. In the 54-55 season, there is a change in nba. The owner of the nats comes up with an idea. says; Let’s make the 24-second rule. With the implementation of the rule, the game speeds up and becomes much more enjoyable. schayes adapts quickly to this rule and leads his team to the nba finals again. This time there is the Fort Wayne Pistons team in the face. The first six games were incredibly competitive, neither team had a crushing advantage in any game. Winning the seventh game of the series 92-91 with the basket in the last seconds, Syracuse nationals and schayes reach their first and only championship.

The celtics, who dominate the league between 1957-64, do not give the schayes a chance to win another championship. After the injury he suffered in the 61-62 season, Schayes took the star seat of the star.

In the 63-64 season, the gap created by the philadelphia warriors team going to California is filled by the nats and the team moves to the city of philadelphia.
the team’s name changes and becomes 76ers. schayes start acting as player-coach. When the team is eliminated in the first round of playoffs that season, Schayes announces his retirement and continues as a coach for the team. Schayes, who were selected for the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame in 1972 and the nba 50th anniversary all-time team in 1996, passed away in 2015.

Schayes’ vacuum had been filled by Hal Greer. Greer, who was chosen by the nats in the 1958 draft and did not play for any other team during his career, was named all-star for 10 consecutive years. He was playing greer shooting guard and point guard positions.

The most commonly used word to describe greer is consistency. namely consistency. greer has always been an actress who gave the expected performance of her. however, whatever he did could not prevent Boston from dominating the league. Until “that guy” started wearing the 76ers jersey.

In Nba, who caused the free throw line to be increased from 12 feet to 16 feet, Boston’s fearful dream, the unstoppable man, the wilt chamberlain, who scored 4000 points in a season, scored 100 points in a match, broke records, and was too awesome to tell.

Growing up in Philadelphia, wilt chamberlain started playing in the Philadelphia Warriors in 1959, thanks to a rule set by nba in 1955. According to the rule, teams could choose a local high school player by giving up their first-round pick. Although chamberlain attended high school in kansas, he was allowed to be selected by warriors as he was born in Philadelphia and did not have an NBA team in Kansas. this is how the legend started.

Chamberlain, who played 43 points and 28 rebounds against the knicks in his first game, was named rookie, all-star mvp and nba mvp of the year in rookie season. He finished the season with averaging 37.6 points and 27 rebounds.

The bill russell-wilt chamberlain rivalry, the biggest player competition in NBA history, also started in the 1960 playoffs that season.
Celtics won the series 4-2 and the competition started with a bill russell win. There were very hard fouls to stop the chamberlain. because no one was strong enough to stop him. However, chamberlain was a very calm man and in 1200 games in his 14-year career he was not expelled from the game. Although he was a man who could hold Bill Russell and split him in two, he kept his calm. That’s why it got a lot of criticism.

Two days after the 1965 allstar match, chamberlain moved to the 76ers team. 76ers with chamberlain, who lost to Boston in the eastern finals in the 65-66 season, added billy cunnigham to their squad the following year and strengthened their squad. chamberlain had everything to defeat boston.

If everyone went into what’s happening man mode, the remaining 4 matches would get lakers and be the champion. Although Iverson played an average of 35.6 points, it was not enough.

The 76ers had fallen into the mouths of the present adolescents in the post-iverson period, transforming from tanking to an infamous team with a tank on our chest. but now he’s back into a top team in nba with me simmons, joel embiid and markelle fultz (although he hasn’t appeared yet) The team that set out with the slogan trust the process gives hope with the game it plays, even though it fails in the playoffs. now we can say that with Boston, he is one of the two strongest teams in the east. It’s not even sincere to see the nba finals again in a few years. Who knows, maybe that year is this year …


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