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Good news for FIFA 20 lovers! EA Access announced (Free FIFA 20)

Good news for FIFA 20, one of Electronic Arts’ flagship games and one of the most beloved football world, came yesterday evening. EA Access users can now access the game for free.

Good news in FIFA 20, which is one of the first choices of football fans in terms of games, came in the evening. While the cost of the game created confusion for each user, a way to download the game for free was found. EA Access users can now access the game for free. They announced this news directly from their Twitter addresses. After this announcement, millions of users flocked to the game and from time to time there were mishaps in the downloads.


What is EA Access?

There are many game stores such as PlayStation Plus, Xbox Gold – Game Pass, Uplay. Almost every producer company is now excited to open their own private stores. While some of them have gained access to the popularization process, some of them take their place in the dusty pages of history or they cannot make a profit. Epic Store, which has become very popular especially recently, has almost divided the game world into two and caused controversy. The fact that the developers shoot their games on Steam and move them to the Epic Store is a situation that most affects the players. While we can find every game we want on a single platform in time, now we have to pay membership fees to many different stores and we have to take place in different areas unnecessarily. So why? The answer is quite simple actually; ”competition”. In this regard, the importance of the consumers is put in a second plan.

There are also different platforms that have been in our lives for a long time. The most important of these is EA Access! As you know, EA Games is a game company that hosts many structures from sports to racing, racing to war. Naturally, it was an inevitable fact to establish its own ecosystem. The platform has a considerable audience, although less power than Steam, PS Plus and Xbox Gold – Games Pass.


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