Starlink or Starlink satellites; A project that will take the internet event of Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, to another dimension. Nowadays, when you raise your head to the sky, there are some things to know about Starlink satellites that you can see even with the naked eye.

First of all, what exactly is Starlink?

StarLink; The name of spacex’s project, which aims to offer high quality broadband internet. On the 24th of May 2019, the first 60 satellites were launched into space with the falcon 9 rocket.

This project, which will consist of 42 thousand satellites in total, was first mentioned by elon musk in 2015. After designing 2 different satellite prototypes called tintin a and tintin b as a result of long efforts, the project was in deep silence. Until November 2018, the approval of fcc to get 7500 satellites into orbit was obtained.

60 satellites were sent as the first action after approval. these satellites test satellites and their purpose to test communication systems around the world and autonomous systems called krypton thrusters. this autonomous system is intended to prevent any debris or orbit from occurring between satellites.

Moreover, since 95% of the satellites are dropped due to any problems, they are not designed to burn and disappear as soon as they enter the atmosphere. each satellite has 5 laser systems. basically they work with the logic in fiber optics and take their positions instantly. this is also important for preventing collision etc. This is the autonomous system we call krypton thrusters.

The cost of fiber optic cables to be laid by America in the transition from 4g to 5g in the next 7 years will be $ 150 billion, while starlink’s total cost to spacex is $ 10 billion.

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