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Crypto Miners May Not Let Gamers NVIDIA RTX 3080

Rumors from China may cause concerns about the stock of NVIDIA RTX 30 series cards. It seems that players may not be left with cards because of crypto miners.

Recently, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics processors were announced. Before the cards were released, the players had almost become a favorite and started to decorate their dreams. It seems that it’s not just the players who keep an eye on the cards.

The performance of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 has caused cryptocurrency miners to focus on these cards as well. This shows that finding cards in the market can be quite difficult. News from China also supports this view.
NVIDIA has already been working hard to meet the intense demand. It was claimed that the company could not stock enough due to some production problems experienced within the company. On the other hand, the situation is not limited to this.

Crypto miners also have their eyes on these cards. Although the crypto mining craze experienced in the past has been partially left behind, NVIDIA’s Turing-architecture cards such as RTX 2060 have been used in crypto mining operations in China.

According to rumors that have recently found their way into the internet, the RTX 3080 isn’t the only group of gaming enthusiasts interested in cards, thanks to its mining capacity. Since the card is at a very good price performance level, GPU-mined cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are seen as perfect for these cards.

According to a miner, the RTX 3080 provides 3-4 times the hash rate compared to the RTX 2080, which will be fairly close at least on the release date. In other words, in a system where the kWh charge of electricity is 75 kurus, it takes 9 months for the card to pay its own price. In the RTX 2080, this period was a few years.

Of course, these are not the only cards that can be used, and there are also cards like the Radeon VII or the cheaper AMD graphics cards. According to what has been spoken on crypto forums, some users are also waiting for new cards to arrive, with the hope that companies will campaign for Turing-architecture cards that remain in their hands.


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