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Coffee Tasteers Who Can Remove The Tag Of Coffee From Its Smell And Taste: Q Grader

What you need to know about Q Graders (Quality Graders), which are the quality meters that can deduce where that coffee comes from from the taste and smell of coffee.

The quality grader (q grader), which we can call quality measurers, pass through the programs determined by the coffee quality institute (shortly cqi), which is a non-profit organization established in 1996. These people, who have the ability to distinguish coffees based on the smell and taste of the coffee, decide on the score of the coffees and classify the coffees.

The main purpose of the q grader and therefore the classification of coffee is to have a wide variety of coffee fruits in the world and to create a common language in the evaluation of the final product after these coffee fruits are collected, washing / drying, dehulling, scaling, roasting. Thanks to this common language and the spread of this language, it makes it easy to solve the factors that change and decrease the quality and to identify the factors that increase the quality.
There are over 5500 q graders in the world.

If we simply look at the skills of these experts; They are skilled enough to identify 36 flavors that can characterize coffee or find flaws / loss of quality in a slightly roasted coffee sample. To reach this level, they pass through a complex and demanding program and pass exams consisting of 22 tests that include all sensory skills, up to determining the degrees of sour and sweet salt in coffee samples. As expected, the rate of successfully completing this exam is very, very low.


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