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Can you get coronavirus from food?

Humanity has not yet coped with the ‘coronavirus’ epidemic. Despite all the measures taken, the virus continues to spread rapidly in the world. The virus is kept under control with the measures taken in Turkey. Despite this, there is a great uneasiness in people. While the Ministry of Health continues to inform the public to combat coronavirus, people are also worried about what they eat.

Take a break from dinner invitations

The best way to overcome the virus is to cut or reduce contact with people. Especially during this period, you should stop cooking and hosting your friends and friends. The disease is transmitted by cough or sneezing from the mouth or nose of an infected person through respiratory droplets. It is best to cook only for yourself or those you live with until the virus dies.

Can be contaminated with food packaging

So how accurate is it to order food from outside? The best way to overcome the disease is to cut or reduce human contact. It is also believed that Covid-19 has spread through inanimate objects. Researchers have found that the coronavirus can survive for three days on plastic and stainless steel. We do not know whether you will receive the virus from infected surfaces or inanimate objects at this point. Conversely, laboratory findings show that the virus can stick to plastic cell phone cases and packs. This probably means that it can stick to the food distribution packaging. However, after touching the ordered packaging, you should definitely wash your hands before you start eating.

What is the degree of death of the iruses?

In a study published by the Harvard Medical School, the virus dies in proper cooking. SARS, a virus similar to coronavirus (Covid-19), dies at 60 degrees in 30 minutes. Therefore, the correct cooking method is taken against the virus. In this case, is it necessary to avoid raw and uncooked food?

As a general food safety measure, you should always wash your hands after using raw meat to reduce the risk of infection. One of the most important preventive measures when working with food, between transporting raw and uncooked food, and before using any food is to wash hands frequently with soap and water.

Eating out is risky

Because of the coronavirus, which the World Health Organization calls a ‘pandemic’, an intercontinental epidemic, people have also reduced eating out. So how risky are fast food or self service restaurants?

We know that respiratory droplets are guilty to transmit Covid-19. So let’s assume that the person in front of you has the virus, coughs in his hand, and then transmits his orders on the touch screen or post machine. As the next person in line, you will have a high risk of exposure to the virus. It is possible to catch Covid-19 by touching the surfaces or objects where the droplets descend and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. Customers are also worried about the food service staff.

There is research proving that these concerns are not unfounded. According to Harvard Medical School, the coronavirus-like viruses that cause Covid-19 have also been detected in feces for some people. If the server did not wash their hands properly after using the toilet, you will have problems. I also do not like to try tasting samples in the markets. The valid reason for not tasting is that it is known that person-to-person contact is the most likely way to catch the disease.


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