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When the designer ‘Dame Zandra Rhodes’ is asked to explain exactly what ‘camp’ means, she finds herself a loss for words. “I think this is a very difficult issue,” he says with a laugh. “It’s a minefield.” Rhodes isn’t alone. Since it entered the English language in the late 19th century, this term has been subject to various reasons and there is still no consensus.

Susan Sontag’s 1964 article Notes on Camp, 2019 Metropolitan Art Museum is the inspiration for the gala and accompanying exhibition. In it, he wrote, writer and filmmaker: Nevertheless, while reading Sontag’s essay, he seemed to escape the deceptive simplicity of the term from time to time.

Getty Images
Lupita Nyong’o embraces a camp sensibility in her flamboyant costume for Met Gala (Credit: Getty Images)
The Oxford English Dictionary’s first English definition of the term in the 1909 dominant term was followed by the popular, contemporary concepts of the camp: “flamboyant, extravagant, seeing, theater; feminine or homosexual; Relevant, characteristic, homosexuals… ”The stereotypical male contains synonyms for homosexuality, according to one of the OED definitions, was strongly related to it. “To me, camp conditions meant a gay man with a twisted ankle,” says Rhodes. Oscar Wilde used to say about it, “The ladies have dedicated Sontag’s article at once.”

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Billy Porter makes an exaggerated introduction to Met Gala to describe the camp spirit (Credit: Getty Images)
Fabio Cleto said, “19. Fully articulated camp appeared in the queer-star image of Oscar Wilde. “It was Wilde’s stigmatized body,” he told BBC Designed. “

The camp (‘camp’), which recognizes itself as a camp, is usually less satisfactory – Susan Sontag

Still, the camp surpassed Sontag of gay behavior. “The distinctive feature of the camp is the spirit of extravagance,” he wrote in his seminal essay, presenting 58 aspects of “sensitivity.” Sontag described the camp as fun and “anti-serious” as well as being extravagant and artificial. “Camp,” he said, “a woman wandering in a robe of three million feathers.”

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The view around Ezra Miller is in the art camp, as seen in the Gala Text (Credit: Getty Images)
Together, Sontag distinguished between “naive” and “intentional” camp. Unlike David Bowie in the half-drag, by singing a festive song like Fill Your Heart, the phrase “Art Nouveau master” wrote Sontag, “the song does not joke making a lamp with a wrapped snake… seriousness: Voilà! Orient! “Similarly, while Jacqueline Susann was intended to be the new Babies Valley camp of 1966, it was not the following movie, but it was still the camp. Sontag deliberately opted for “Pure Camp”: “The camp (” camp “), knowing that it is a Self Camp, is generally less satisfactory.”

Metropolitan Museum of Art / Johnny Dufort
Among the exhibits in the Met exhibition is a community for Moschino by Jeremy Scott (Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Johnny Dufort)
Since then, the scope of the camp has expanded. “Today the camp is everywhere,” says Cleto BBC Designed. The camp encompasses and acts on other genders and sexual orientations, such as the ‘dyke camp’, says Cleto, “as a destructive strategy for their marginal identity. Also, as in Sontag’s Art Nouveau, sometimes it is free from a manifest sexual connotation. “He changed his word room,” says Rhodes, who believes in Metos, where one of his designs came out, “he never wanted to add homosexuality.”

One of the words ‘camp’, derived from the word ‘se camper’, which was said to be ‘standing bravely’, continued.


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