1. Actually not mouse

Although the mouse is defined as a mouse, it is not designed with inspiration from the mouse. According to kotaku site, the design of the pikachu belongs entirely to atsuko nishida. nishida, who was working with the gamefreak at the time, designed the pikachu by taking off from the squirrel. not only visually, but also biology is designed according to the biology of squirrels. nishida, not only the most popular pokémon, but also the design of many pokemon’s.

2. Where does the name come from?

Some think that the voice of pikachu came from an animal. If you think so, you’re wrong. The sound of pikachu was created from a combination of 2 different sound reflections. In Japan, the spark that is emitted by electricity is called ard pica pica jap. Ir chu ğı is the sound produced by the mouse. Combine both: your favorite pokémon!

3. ikue otani

The most famous pokemon of pokémon is we know pikachu with his beloved voice ’pika pika p. people love not only because of their appearance, but also because of the sweetness of the sound they make. This is the sweet sound of ikue otani. Although she is an adult woman, this cute woman is one of the main reasons why pikachu is so loved.

4. Not a secure pokémon at all

Pikachu, who became the mascot of the pokemon, is well-known for the fact that everyone wants to acquire one and launch the rocket team in each section; it’s actually not a safe pokémon at all. Those who watched the anime always ask this question: is pikachu really that powerful? Yes, it is so strong. it is so powerful that the pikachu is capable of damaging not only enemies, but also those around it. pikachu, the moment it generates electricity, the magnetic field is strong enough to damage its friends. Although anime, of course, has turned the pikachu into a cute pokemon, it is actually quite dangerous and has the power to injure human biology.

5. Magnet does not like

pikachu, how powerful a pokémon, but he also has weaknesses. one of them is the magnet. the rocket team had won dozens of times, but the rocket team once managed to catch the pikachu. In the ”hoenn alone elektrik section, the team succeeded in suppressing the electric power of the pikachu using a magnet. Pikachu was discharged despite being saved. the reason for this is explained in the road get the show on the road “section. magnets could disrupt the balance of the electric power of the pikachu, causing excessive accumulation. this caused the patient to become sick and even explode. they only solved the pikachu’s disease by absorbing more power.



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