5-5-5 Rule


Nature has always been the best pharmacy with whose help we can fight a huge number of diseases, but also lose some weight. The best example of the power of nature can be seen in the 5-5-5 rule. With the help of this only in the first 5 days,  can lose the so-called fake kilograms. The 5-5-5 rule contains a  drink and some small advice which you should strictly follow if you want to achieve maximum efficiency. The three 5s refer to the time needed for preparation (5 minutes), the  of the treatment (5 days), and the maximum possible results (losing 5 kg).

  • 60 grams of fresh parsley
  • 1 lemon
  • 230 milliliters of water

Wash the parsley thoroughly, put it in a  and chop it. Add the lemon and the water in the blender and then mix all the ingredients together.



Enforcing the 5-5-5 rules:
  1. Drink the mixtures every morning after you wake up, before eating or drinking anything else.
  2. Repeat this 5 days in a row without exceptions.
  3. After the 5th day, make a 10-day break, and then if you’d like, repeat the treatment.
  4. This drink increases the  and digestion, reduces the concentration of water in the body and the bloating. That is, it helps the organism burn fat and calories more efficiently and faster.
Additional advice:
  1. The 5-5-5 rule has no recorded length of burning fat, but it will increase the metabolism and will help you get the  you want faster.
  2. Losing weight, which  will definitely notice, will be mostly a result of losing the concentrated water in your body. This makes  feel bloated and fatter then you are because of the slow digestion. That is why the first 5 kg you lose are called “fake” kilograms.
  3. During the 5 days eat  and healthy i.e. eat vegetables and fruits and drink a  of water. Avoid ice cream, chocolate, lasagnas, and other calorie bombs.



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