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Would Das Capital Be Marxist Without Reading?

it is possible to be a Marxist without reading the das capital
it is also very beautiful. because the perception of Marxism is not a phenomenon that begins with das capital and ends with it.

Marxism is a topic that can be accessed from researches that we can call first, the introduction book, books that analyze Marx’s and Engels’ problematic, life and ideologies. there are references to each other and the historical facts of the period both in the texts of the Marx and in many philosophers of the period. Without this history of 101 (history of Marxism), it will be very difficult for you to understand many things.

Communist Manifesto

After the “communist manifesto”, I think that the “french trilogy” is introduced into the debate of the most important issues of Marxism (the capitalist power transition in the monarchy, the sense of class struggle, etc. are analyzed much more firmly in these texts). In addition, “german ideology” and “anti-duchring” have very critical presuppositions and are important inputs to the Marxist materialist perception. “the family, the private property and the root of the state” is an excellent work in terms of class analysis and introduction to the problem of women. some of the most important basic philosophical questions are still present in the “1844 manuscripts”, especially when it comes to thinking of commodity fetishism, which is a matter of alienation. das capital can be seen as a total critique, a fragmentation process, in which a capital, a collective analysis built on them, a collective analysis, a capitalism containing all parts as an anatomical examination.

Marxism has always been a practical, social phenomenon, and it has been the greatest problem of the generations of the generations to which they have been portrayed in the process of turning from an intellectual level to a social one.

the most important works in this issue, especially those who give names such as lenin, trochki, mao, of course. on the other hand there are schools like frankfurt school, gramsci, althusser, and they try to do the same job with a different view and purpose. and many of the writings on art are disastrous, there are people like LukaCs who show an amazing depth in “history and class consciousness”.

and, of course, on them, a continuous, everyday work, which is articulated by every discipline, everywhere in the world. tons of current work titles are available and many more are waiting to be opened.

because Marks, what Newton means for positive sciences, equates to a social science point of view after the 11 th thesis. we need to read and understand as much as anarchism, liberalism, then linguistics and structural analysis, psychology and psychoanalysis, feminism, ecologism and anti-militarism, structuralism and post-structuralism, zibillah.

I will say: das is a Marxist without reading the capital. you can find tens of millions of people who can just read the communist manifesto and give your life for a socialist revolution. these people can close many of their explanations with their practices.

but of course a marxist who has not read das capital, an intellectual leader is very arguable. a “Marxist” thinker is a very debatable one.


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