What makes Stephen Hawking so famous is the so-called hawking radiation, which black holes tell us to spread matter and energy.

What is hawking radiation?

This theory, which was put forward in 1975, made a great sound because by that time, it was thought that nothing could escape from black holes, including light. however, according to the mathematical equations hawking put forward, the gravitational force of the black holes held the anti-particles and made the particles and anti-particles unable to destroy each other. in this way, black holes emitted a radiation similar to black body radiation.


Unfortunately, Stephen Hawking didn’t win the Nobel Prize when he lived, because there wasn’t enough technology to prove this theory.

In order to win the Nobel Prize in Physics, the theory put forward must be proved by observable experiments. The possibility of such an experiment requiring the examination of black holes is still not present, even though it has increased with the black hole photograph displayed on 10 April.
If one day the technology is able to detect the hawking radiation emitted by black holes, stephen hawking is worthy of at least the public for the nobel that it cannot win. in fact, it is not far away that day (see scientists on April 10 announcement)

Nobel prizes are only given to survivors.
for example, albert einstein’s theory of gravitational wave in 1926 was proved by experiments after 90 years.

peter higgs had to wait 55 years for the particle he discovered when he was 31, and get the nobel prize at the age of 86 (see: higgs boson).

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