illinois is the state divided into two as “chicago” and “other cities”, both economically, culturally, geographically and politically, and is located in the middle of the midwest region. this state played a major role many years ago at the American heavy industry summit, and it was home to many factories with michigan, ohio and indiana. then most of the factories moved to countries such as china, india, and this province also had many ghost cities like the same surrounding states. however, there are many factories in this state, and illinois is one of the 3-5 states in which the union culture is established.

The cook county that is included in the city of Chicago is often referred to as crook county because it is considered the capital of America’s corruption since the mafia era in the 1930s. a new corruption scandal occurs every month, especially in the municipality of chicago. Fortunately, corruption in the province is not swept under the state of corruption, and those involved in corruption are punished. According to a theory, chicago journalism culture is highly developed and the rate of corruption in this region is higher than in other places. So according to this theory, chicago corruption is not more than the other big cities, it is only because it is more than caught up in the eye. In fact, the press in this state is very curious and does not hesitate to poke any matter. In many states of the United States, the press is much more outspoken compared to Illinois (and New York; some California).

chicago chicago as the state is eating chicago bread. Most of the collected taxes are invested in chicago, and the state is financially stuck because of the money spent in chicago. this is why the police in this state are looking for excuses to write the penalties. you need to be careful passing through here. chicago, other important cities are usually built on the river of illinois, the effect of the river is possible to see in these cities. for example, urbanization generally develops into the interior around the river.

illinois The winter season is really hard and cold, and with spring, it’s all green. the province is full of huge parks, and this is perhaps the most lovable aspect of the province. When it comes to autumn, the color changing of trees leads to quite beautiful landscapes, but even more beautiful views can be seen in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, just north of Illinois.

The most disliked aspect of illinois is traffic signs. From the smallest town to the largest city, the names of the streets are inscribed and the signs are small and never read at night. so you can always be dependent on GPS in this state.

If michigan is remembered by the car industry, illinois is also attracted by the heavy-duty machine industry. The state is home to companies such as caterpillar and john deere, but the japanese giant komatsu also has many facilities in the province. The chicago is in the financial and IT sectors.


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