The German metal band Rammstein, which we are accustomed to creating an event with his clips, released the first single Deutschland from his new studio albums, which they have released after 10 years and is not known yet, and created an agenda as expected.


We see a group of roman soldiers walking in the woods at the opening of the clip. It is a fact that the Roman empire has made raids on the Germanic tribes for many years. The name 16, shown in the clip, is an important history in my opinion because it is the last of the raids to germania by the Romans. then marcus aurelius’a not yet raid. (gladiator can be tracked and to see this period, it is recommended to spartacus and rome for a little more past period)

Then come together a few futuristic scenes, maybe a dystopian future? we see an occasional u-boot, and the scene continues with the crusades of the holy roman empire. (submarine lovers should follow das boot)

Then we see the men who fight with brass knuckles for bets. These events do not have a special place in German history, but I think the period described in the 1920s Germany (for those periods, we are watching babylon berlin and peaky blinders yes).

Then the group goes into a slow motion in a way away from the blast zone. We look at the AAA, beautiful hindenburg’s wreck in the back. as of year 1937.

Into the 1960s. germany east germany state security ministry aka stasi at the time. uniformed German uncles, Russian sisters and an astronaut in the style of Yuri Gagarin are doing champagne in the office with our sister (those who wonder in the East Germany, Deutschland 83 and Goodbye Lenin, pls tsk).

In the next scene we see a group of monks walking in mice. The soldiers are sitting at the side table after the intersections are going to drink a hana. my guess is the reference to the thirty years war between 1618 and 1648. The war of thirty years was a war to ensure sectarian unity in Europe. it is also known that there was a plague during the war (rats sent to the plague).

In the meantime, the way can be seen as a cannibalism in the last years of war in the thirty years of the public starvation and finally I think because of eating each other. even cannibalism news from the church came in those years.

We find ourselves in a prison after the cannibal crossings. The prisoners throw money in their heads to protest ours. From 1921 to 1923, we know that Germany is struggling with hyperinflation. The money is so deprived that it is more profitable to burn paper money than wood. I think there is a reference here, but why did they fall into prison?

Of course, the second world war and concentration camps of Germany. The second world war scene begins with rocket aggregat 4, which first reaches space, and then continues with the most discussed scenes of the clip. our hero is in the concentration camp this time and unfortunately all of them are in the gallows. from left to right: homosexual, jewish, jewish / political offender, asocial (there are gypsies, insane, alcoholics, beggars, miscarriages etc. in the asocial group). (already criticism of these scenes)

After that, characters from all periods come together and burn books. this event is great in the history of germany. May 10, 1933 In Nazi Germany, a large book burning occurs by nationalist students. fahrenheit 451 is inspired by this event. There are memorial monuments in bebelplatz, you can go and see.

Then there is an uprising scene where the Molotovs are thrown, cars are burned and the police are battered by the nation. this scene is likely to refer to events on 1 May 1987. may day in kreuzberg. The Berlin police are forced to withdraw from Kreuzberg for 36 hours.

After that it shows a futuristic germany.

Yes, the periods in the clip are roughly, and we have germania sisters who are in the events in each period. He is causing all the incidents like forrest gump. Off with their heads (we’re cutting racon, not the head), this sister is actually Germany. that is why they are giving birth to a leonberger (german). (golden retriever was not going to give birth either!)


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