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How to take off makeup without makeup wipes

Are your makeup remover finished? Or do you want to do your skin care with home-made make-up cleaners? If you don’t want to use products that contain chemicals or sold in markets, there are also alternative options you can choose to remove your makeup.

In this article, you can learn the methods of preparing homemade make-up cleaners!

Makeup Cleaning Tips

How to clean your make-up depends on the intensity of the make-up you apply to your face and, above all, which make-up you are doing most.

If you use a lot of mascara and eyeliner, most of these products are usually waterproof, so you may need to spend more time cleaning your makeup. If the lipstick you’re using is too high or too high, the same may be true for lipstick.

It is easier to clean the makeup on other parts of your face. First of all, if you want to remove your intense make-up and do a bir deeper, cleaning, wash your face thoroughly with warm water and a neutral soap.

Remember, this process, eye shadow, blush, powder, etc. it does not completely remove them, you need to apply a separate cleaning process. In this way, it does not take more than a few minutes to clean your makeup and your face will look more beautiful, vibrant, shiny and clean.

makeup remover
Never sleep without removing your makeup because in this case you do not allow your pores to “breathe” because the next morning you can wake up with stains on your face.

This leads to more lubrication of your skin and more acne, acne and blackheads. Even when you’re tired, you need five minutes to clean your makeup.

If you are using contact lenses, you must remove the lenses before you start cleaning your makeup, otherwise the make-up remover may escape to your eyes, causing irritation, burning, and even deforming your lenses.


Natural and Homemade Makeup Cleaners

Natural yogurt recipe: Apply yogurt one layer to your face and leave for 10 minutes. Then wet a piece of cotton or napkin with a little warm water and clean your face.
Warm milk: heat a few tablespoons of milk for a few seconds. Put a piece of cotton in the milk and apply a little pressure on your face. Make more pressure on the areas where the makeup is dense (for example, your eyes), not to irritate and not to get hurt. Then rinse thoroughly.
woman washing her face
Olive oil is the best option for those with dry skin. Gently massage a few drops of olive oil all over your face. Then wet the napkin with warm water and clean your face. If too much oil remains on your face, wash your face with neutral soap and warm water. Olive oil is a great option to remove your eye makeup as it does not irritate the sensitive eye area.
Almond oil: for women with oily skin. It does not cause any more lubricating effect on this skin type, so it doesn’t affect the oily skin. Apply the same way as olive oil.
Chamomile and olive oil: boil the chamomile and let it cool down. After cooling, dip a piece of cotton in chamomile water and add a few drops of olive oil. Apply to your face, especially to your eyes. This mixture takes care of these sensitive areas and reduces swelling and bags in custody.
face mask
Almond oil: as you can see, oils serve as a wonderful alternative to home-made make-up cleaners. Almond oil, while removing your makeup at the same time moisturizes your skin in a great way. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Pour a few drops of a piece of cotton and apply directly to your skin. You can also mix almond oil with castor oil to strengthen and prolong your lashes.
Jojoba oil: another natural option to clean your makeup in minutes. Leaves skin smooth & supple Mix a tablespoon of jojoba oil with two tablespoons of water to apply. Apply a piece of cotton with a circular motion to your face and you will see that you have removed your makeup.
remove your makeup
Vaseline: The oils in the content can be very effective in removing mascara and eye pencil because it provides complete dissolution of cosmetic products. Apply a little bit of Vaseline to the napkin, cloth, or piece of cotton and apply it gently to the areas where you want to remove your makeup. Since it is very dense and oily, you will need to wash or rinse your face with warm or hot water.
Canola oil: If you mix it with olive oil, you can remove all kinds of makeup in seconds. Put 3-4 teaspoons of both oil into a bowl. Dip a piece of cotton into the mixture and apply a little pressure on your face. You will see how it absorbs your makeup. Don’t forget to rinse your face when you’re done.
Strawberries: five pieces to prepare this strawberry makeup remover


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