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How to apply magnetic lashes

See below for a piecemeal breakdown on a way to apply magnetic lashes and conquer your false lash fears. Fuller prime eyelashes square measure solely four simple steps away.

1-Apply Mascara

When applying regular false lashes, consultants sometimes advocate saving make-up for last. once it involvesmagnetic falsies, having some additional hold on the lashes is vital. Coating the lashes in your favorite make-upbeforehand, like Maybelline nice Lash, adds some a lot of required texture which will become necessary shortly.

2-Apply the Top Lash

As i discussed earlier, all magnetic lashes go together with a high and bottom lash line. one in every of the foremostwell-liked magnetic lash brands at the instant is Ardell Magnetic Lashes. the highest and bottom items square measure selected within the box. First, grab the highest lash and place it on your lash line (as shut as possible). Balance the lash there whereas you grab the lower lash.


3-Pop on Lower Lash

With the highest magnetic lash piece balanced in situ on your higher lash line, align the lower lash beneath your prime eyelashes, permitting the magnets to snap the 2 rows along. this can produce a sandwich along with youractual eyelashes within the middle of the 2 rows of magnetic lashes. regulate a bit along with your fingers if the lashes question of place.


4-Don’t Be Afraid to Try Again

Applying false lashes for the primary time is usually aiming to be difficult. Here’s hoping sometime that changes, except for currently, persistence is vital. Personally, it took Maine a couple of tries to urge the suspend field officerthe method for the way to use magnetic lashes. I used the Youtube video below to master my technique.




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