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How do we find our way with the Polar Star?

How do you find the Polar Star?

Before the big bear is taken, to him “cezve” analogy is done. This straw is not the stem, but the mouth part of the 4 star to the outermost sides are selected, a line is created. on this line up to 5 times the distance between the two stars (the intention is the direction that the mouth of the pen is looking at) the pole star is there, there is not yet another star in the vicinity.

How do we find our way with the Polar Star?

If you are in the northern hemisphere, the star is the pole star that will help you understand the latitude you are in. The fact that this feature of our ancestors has long been discovered before, is not one of the bright and alluring stars, but it has a very important place in the northern hemisphere. When you look at the sky in the north pole, you see that this star is located on the hill, making it 90 degrees to the horizon. in the equator, it is right to look for the pole star near the horizon. If you fall on a day in the northern hemisphere to an unemployed island, it is easy to determine your current latitude up and down: when you determine the pole star exactly at the end of the stalk of the little bear, you have to work a little bit already, counting how many punches you have punched from the horizon. Since a fist corresponds to about 10 degrees, for example 4 punches, this indicates that you’re about 40 degrees north parallels.

Polar Star and its Properties

Polaris (polar star), a pair of 432 light years away from the Earth. Of course we see the star, which is big. sun is known to have a diameter of 48 times. The surface temperature is about 5900 degrees Celsius. This star is so strong radiant that the brightness of the sun is exactly 2,500 times. it can be seen from the world because of this extreme brightness. otherwise, we cannot see an ordinary star so far away with the naked eye.

Since we understand from the spectral measurements that the sun has a surface temperature of 48 times the diameter and a surface of 5900 degrees and that there is not a red giant, it can be considered to be a variable star. we said double stars, the second star is a sun like a yellow dwarf (slightly larger than the sun and a threefold). these two stars move in a 30-year orbit around each other’s common gravitational center

Although the polar star is known as a pair of stars, it is a third star with a much larger mass and four times brighter than the sun. this third star is quite far away, and the first two stars are circling around a 100,000-year-old view. In summary, the polar star is actually a triple star system.

The polar star is placed on the rotation axis of the earth. (in fact it is not exactly there. If we measure in the axis direction, 44 minutes, ie, 3/4 of a degree has strayed.) so it always seems to be in the same place. Considering the world’s 2500 cycle of wobble, the pole star is slowly slipping away, and after a while it will become unseen. Fortunately, neither I nor grandchildren ‘s grandchildren (the descendants of their grandchildren) will not see it.

Let’s come to the point; The pole star is not such a bright, easily visible star (because it is too far away from the Earth, although it is normally too bright). It is difficult to find in the sky because it can be easily lost between the lights of the city by about 1.9 magnitude luminosity. We use the two stars at the edge of the “coffee pot” that make up the big bear team star. pulling a line between the stars that make up the edge of the pot, we can see it 5 times the distance between these two stars. If we are already in a place with light pollution, it will be the only star we see …

Finally, if the northern hemisphere is seen on the maps today, this is the reason. but we know that the world has no “upper” or “bottom” …



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