According to evolutionists, homo erectus is the step between homo habilis and homo sapiens. homo erectus means human walking upright and the fossils are as steep as ever seen in previous structures. The skull volume is smaller than that of modern man (900-1100 cc) and has thick eyebrow protrusions.
The world recognized these two fossils found in Asia and named as Beijing and Java. and a 12-year-old “Turkana child” fossil found in Kenya.

Homo erectus are an extinct species of homo and are considered to be the ancestor of homo sapiens because they are most similar to homo sapiens.

According to research, it lived between 1.9 million and 250 thousand years ago. According to the remains, his arms and legs are long and this is proof that he walks upright like homo sapiens. The name is also in Latin “upright human”.

Homo erectus is the first human species to consciously use fire. Since he knows how to burn fire, he does not have to worry about eating raw food.


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